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Moderate Flow Oxygen

Aka: Moderate Flow Oxygen, Moderate Oxygen Delivery, Partial Rebreathing Mask, Venturi Mask, Simple Oxygen Mask, Aerosol Mask, Tracheostomy Mask, Face Tent, Face Shield
  1. See Also
    1. Oxygen Delivery
  2. Preparations: Partial Rebreathing Mask with reservoir
    1. Delivers 35-60% Oxygen at 6-10 L/min flow rate
      1. First third of exhaled gases mix with reservoir
      2. Exhaled gases from upper airway are oxygen rich
  3. Preparations: Venturi Mask
    1. Delivers humidified oxygen (aerosol adapter available)
    2. Allows provider to dial in oxygen concentration
    3. Delivers 25-50% oxygen at 4-8 L/min flow rate
  4. Preparations: Simple Oxygen Mask
    1. In children use the Soft Vinyl Pediatric Mask
    2. Poorly tolerated by infants and toddlers
    3. Delivers humidified oxygen
    4. Delivers 35-60% Oxygen at 6-10 L/min flow rates
      1. Delivers 40% FIO2 at 6 L, 50% at 7 L, and 60% at 8 L
      2. Room air entrained during inspiration
      3. Reduced Oxygen Concentration if:
        1. High spontaneous inspiratory flow
        2. Mask is loose
        3. Oxygen flow into the mask is low
  5. Preparations: Aerosol Mask
    1. Delivers aerosolized oxygen at 40-60% FIO2 at 10-15 L/min
    2. Tubing is attached to water bottle with dial regulator
      1. Dial is similar to Venturi adjustment for FIO2
      2. Some masks offer misleading FIO2 settings (these masks are unlikely to deliver >60% FIO2)
  6. Preparations: Tracheostomy Mask
    1. Delivers heated, aerosolized air or oxygen
    2. Attached to blender that allows dial adjustment for FIO2
    3. Delivers 40-60% FIO2 at a minimum flow rate of 8 L/min
  7. Preparations: Face Tent/Shield
    1. High-flow, soft plastic "bucket" over nose and mouth
    2. Better tolerated than Face Mask
    3. Delivers only 40% Oxygen at 10-15 liters per minute
  8. References
    1. (1997) Pediatric Advanced Life Support, AHA, p. 4-5 to 4-7
    2. (2016) Fundamental Critical Care Support, SCCM, p. 45-60

Face tent oxygen delivery device (C0180824)

Concepts Medical Device (T074)
SnomedCT 426294006
English Face Tents, Face tent oxygen delivery device (physical object), Face tent oxygen delivery device, Face tent
Spanish dispositivo para la administración de oxígeno con tienda facial, dispositivo para la administración de oxígeno con tienda facial (objeto físico)
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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