Emergency Medicine Book


Ineffective Oxygen Delivery

Aka: Ineffective Oxygen Delivery, Nasal Catheter, Oxygen Tent
  1. Devices: Nasal Catheter (Avoid)
    1. Flexible lubricated oxygen catheter
      1. Holes in distal 2cm
    2. Advanced through nostril into pharynx behind uvula
      1. Risk of Trauma to adenoids and secondary Hemorrhage
      2. Gastric distention or rupture if cannulate esophagus
    3. No advantage when compared with Nasal Cannula
  2. Devices: Oxygen Tent (Avoid)
    1. Clear Plastic shell encloses upper body
    2. Cannot reliably provide stable Oxygen Concentrations
      1. Although theoretically 50% Oxygen at high flows
      2. Room air drawn into tent whenever entered
    3. Tent Limits patient access
    4. Delivers <30% Oxygen at high flows

Oxygen tent (C0183880)

Definition (UMD) Tents designed to provide an oxygen-enriched and humid environment for patient breathing. These tents typically consist of a pliable plastic sheet held by a plastic or metallic frame that is suspended as a canopy above the bed; some tents cover only the head and part of the torso. Oxygen administration tents are usually connected to an oxygen source and/or humidifier through wide-bore tubing. The use of these tents avoids the need to directly attach a nasal cannula, face mask, or endotracheal tube to the patient. These tents are especially useful to facilitate the treatment of breathing and other cardiopulmonary disorders that limit the body's supply of oxygen by providing a higher concentration of oxygen than is normally present in the air. Small dedicated tents designed to be attached to the patient's chin and strapped around the neck (face tents) are also available.
Definition (SPN) A nonpowered oxygen tent is a device that encloses a patient's head and upper body to contain oxygen delivered to the patient for breathing. This generic type of device includes infant oxygen hoods.
Concepts Medical Device (T074)
SnomedCT 20428008
English Oxygen Canopies, TENT, OXYGEN, Tents, Oxygen, Oxygen Tents, Canopies, Oxygen, Oxygen tent, device, oxygen tents, oxygen tent, Oxygen tent, Oxygen tent, device (physical object)
Spanish carpa de oxígeno, tienda de oxígeno (objeto físico), tienda de oxígeno
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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