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High Flow Oxygen

Aka: High Flow Oxygen, High Oxygen Delivery, Non-Rebreathing Mask, Non-Rebreather Mask, Oxygen Hood
  1. See Also
    1. Oxygen Delivery
  2. Preparations: Non-Rebreathing Mask with reservoir
    1. Delivers only 60-70% Oxygen at 15 L/min
      1. Previously described as delivering 95% FIO2 (leakage around mask prevents this)
      2. Standard Anesthesia masks have tighter seal and achieve closer to 95% FIO2
      3. Increasing flow above 15 L/min if regulator allows can achieve closer to 90% FIO2
        1. Alternatively concurrently apply Nasal Cannula at 15 lpm with Non-Rebreather Mask
    2. Two valves added to rebreathing mask prevents:
      1. Entrainment of room air during inspiration
      2. Retention of exhaled gases during expiration
  3. Preparations: Oxygen Hood
    1. Clear plastic shell encompasses the baby's head
    2. Well tolerated by infants
    3. Size of hood limits use to younger than age 1 year
    4. Allows easy access to chest, trunk, and extremities
    5. Allows control of Oxygen Delivery
      1. Oxygen concentration
      2. Inspired oxygen Temperature and humidity
    6. Delivers 80-90% oxygen at 10-15 liter per minute
  4. References
    1. (1997) Pediatric Advanced Life Support, AHA, p. 4-5 to 4-7
    2. (2016) Fundamental Critical Care Support, SCCM, p. 45-60

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