Emergency Medicine Book


Blood Products

Aka: Blood Products
  1. Types: Packed Red Blood Cells (pRBC)
    1. Contains 200-250 ml per unit
    2. Increases Hematocrit 3% per unit
    3. Increases Hemoglobin 1 gram/dl per unit
    4. Indication
      1. Hypovolemic shock despite 40 ml/kg crystalloid
      2. Coagulopathy
  2. Types: Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
    1. Contains 200-250 ml per unit
      1. Contains all Clotting Factors
      2. Does not contain platelets
    2. Dosing: 10-15 ml/kg
    3. Increases Fibrinogen 7-10 mg/dl per unit
  3. Types: Cryoprecipitate
    1. Contains 50 ml/unit
      1. Contains Fibrinogen
      2. Contains Factors V, VIII, XIII, vWF
    2. Increases Fibrinogen 70 mg/dl in 70 kg/10 pack
  4. Types: Platelets
    1. Contains 50 ml/unit
    2. Increases platelets 30,000/ul per 2.0 m2 BSA per 6 pack
  5. Adverse Reactions
    1. Hypothermia (warm Blood Products before infusion)
    2. Hypocalcemia
    3. Transfusion Reactions

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