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Tongue Pain

Aka: Tongue Pain, Tongue Burning, Glossitis
  1. See Also
    1. Atrophic Glossitis
    2. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  2. Causes: Burning Tongue with no lesions
    1. Burning Mouth Syndrome
    2. Tobacco Abuse
    3. Early non-specific Glossitis
    4. Menopausal Glossitis
    5. Heavy Metal Poisoning
    6. Diabetes Mellitus
  3. Causes: Tongue Pain from deep lesion
    1. Sialolithiasis of submaxillary or Sublingual Gland
    2. Foreign body
    3. Myositis of lingual Muscles
    4. Trichinosis
    5. Periostitis of Hyoid Bone
    6. Lingual Muscle neoplasm
  4. Causes: Tongue Pain from localized superficial lesions
    1. Tongue biting
    2. Lingual frenulum Trauma
    3. Dental ulcer
    4. Foreign body (e.g. fish bone)
    5. Ranula
    6. Epithelioma or carcinoma
    7. Tuberculosis ulcer
    8. Herpes Simplex Stomatitis
    9. Vincent's Stomatitis (ANUG)
    10. Leukoplakia
    11. Candida albicans (Thrush)
    12. Vesiculoerosive lesions
      1. Pemphigoid
      2. Pemphigus Vulgaris
      3. Erythema Multiforme
  5. Causes: Tongue Pain from generalized disease
    1. Atrophic Glossitis
    2. Diabetes Mellitus
    3. Leukemia
    4. Collagen vascular disease
    5. Lichen Planus
    6. Scarlet Fever
    7. Heavy Metal Poisoning
    8. Dilantin
    9. Uremia
    10. Antibiotic sensitivity
    11. Amyloidosis
    12. Celiac Sprue
    13. Sarcioidosis
    14. Sjogren Syndrome
    15. Nutritional deficiency
      1. Pellagra (Vitamin B3, Niacin Deficiency)
      2. Riboflavin deficiency
      3. Scurvy (Vitamin C Deficiency)
      4. Iron Deficiency Anemia
      5. Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Glossalgia (C0017672)

Definition (MSH) Painful sensations in the tongue, including a sensation of burning.
Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
MSH D005926
ICD9 529.6
ICD10 K14.6
SnomedCT 196590006, 111349000, 155667007, 266496009, 280881000009107, 30731004, 399044006
English Glossalgias, Glossodynia, Glossodynias, TONGUE PAIN, Glossalgia, glossodynia, glossodynia (diagnosis), Pain tongue, Sore tongue, Tongue sore, Glossalgia [Disease/Finding], soreness of tongue, tongue soreness, painful tongue, Pain;tongue, tongue sore, sore tongue, Tongue pain, Tongue painful, Pain of tongue (finding), Pain of tongue, Painful tongue, Soreness of tongue, Glossodynia (disorder), glossalgia, pain; tongue, tongue; pain, tongue pain
French GLOSSALGIE, Langue douloureuse, Sensibilité de la langue, Langue endolorie, Glossalgie, Glossodynie
Dutch tongpijn, pijnlijke tong, pijn tong, pijn; tong, tong; pijn, glossodynia, Glossalgie, Glossodynie
German Schmerz, Zunge, Zungenschmerz, Zunge schmerzhaft, schmerzhafte Zunge, ZUNGE SCHMERZHAFT, Glossalgie, Glossodynie, Zungenbrennen
Italian Dolore alla lingua, Glossodinia, Glossalgia
Portuguese Dor na língua, Ferida da língua, LINGUA DOLOROSA, Glossodinia, Glossalgia
Spanish Lengua dolorosa, Dolor de lengua, Dolor lingual, LENGUA, DOLOR, glosalgia, glosodinia (trastorno), glosodinia, lengua dolorosa, lengua ulcerada, Glosodinia, Glosalgia
Swedish Tungsmärta
Japanese ゼッツウ, ゼツツウ, 舌痛, 灼熱舌
Czech glosalgie, bolest jazyka, Glosodynie, Bolest jazyka
Finnish Glossalgia
Korean 설통
Polish Glossodynia, Bóle języka, Glossalgia
Hungarian Nyelvfájdalom, Glossodynia, Nyelv fájdalom, Nyelv fájdalma, Nyelv fájás
Norwegian Glossodyni, Tungesmerter, Glossalgi
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Glossitis (C0017675)

Definition (NCI) Inflammation of the tongue.
Definition (MSH) Inflammation of the tongue.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D005928
ICD9 529.0
ICD10 K14.0
SnomedCT 196583001, 155666003, 45534005
English Glossitides, GLOSSITIS, TONGUE INFLAMMATION, Glossitis NOS, Glossitis, glossitis (diagnosis), glossitis, Inflammation tongue, Tongue inflammation, inflammation of tongue (physical finding), inflammation of tongue, Glossitis [Disease/Finding], inflammation tongue, tongue inflammation, Glossitis NOS (disorder), Tongue inflamed, Inflammation of tongue, Glossitis (disorder), inflammation; tongue, tongue; inflammation, Glossitis, NOS
French GLOSSITE, Inflammation de la langue, INFLAMMATION DE LA LANGUE, Glossite
Portuguese GLOSSITE, Inflamação da língua, INFLAMACAO DA LINGUA, Glossite
Spanish GLOSITIS, Inflamación de lengua, Inflamación de la lengua, LENGUA INFLAMADA, glositis, SAI, glositis, SAI (trastorno), glositis (trastorno), glositis, Glositis
German GLOSSITIS, Zungenentzuendung, Entzuendung der Zunge, ZUNGE ENTZUENDET, Glossitis, Zungenentzündung
Dutch tongontsteking, ontsteking tong, ontsteking; tong, tong; ontsteking, glossitis, Glossitis
Italian Infiammazione della lingua, Glossite
Japanese 舌炎, 舌の炎症, ゼツエン, シタノエンショウ
Swedish Tunginflammation
Czech zánět jazyka, glositida, Zánět jazyka, Glositida
Finnish Kielitulehdus
Korean 설염
Polish Zapalenie języka
Hungarian Glossitis, Nyelv gyulladása, Nyelvgyulladás
Norwegian Tungebetennelse, Glossitt
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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