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Salivary Gland Enlargement

Aka: Salivary Gland Enlargement, Salivary Hypertrophy, Sialadenosis
  1. Causes
    1. Unilateral Salivary enlargement
      1. Salivary Gland Tumor
      2. Bacterial Sialadenitis
      3. Chronic Sialadenitis
      4. Sialolithiasis
    2. Bilateral Salivary enlargement with hypofunction
      1. Viral Sialadenitis
      2. Sjogren's Syndrome
      3. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV Infection or AIDS)
      4. Chronic Granulomatous Disease
        1. Sarcoidosis
        2. Tuberculosis
        3. Leprosy
    3. Sialadenosis (asymptomatic parotid enlargement)
      1. Eating Disorder (Anorexia, Bulimia)
      2. Cirrhosis
      3. Chronic Pancreatitis
      4. Endocrine Disorder
        1. Acromegaly
        2. Diabetes Mellitus
        3. Gonadal hypofunction
  2. References
    1. Daniels in Goldman (2000) Cecil Medicine, p. 2245

Hypertrophy of salivary gland (C0020569)

Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
ICD9 527.1
ICD10 K11.1
SnomedCT 196478007, 196480001, 45338009
English SALIVARY GLAND ENLARGEMENT, Salivary gland hypertrophy NOS, Salivary gland hypertrophy, hypertrophy of salivary glands (diagnosis), salivary glands hypertrophy, hypertrophy of salivary glands, salivary gland hypertrophy, Enlargement salivary gland, Salivary gland enlargement NOS, Salivary glnd hyprtrophy, Salivary gland enlargements, Salivary gland hypertrophy NOS (disorder), Hypertrophy of salivary gland, Salivary gland enlargement, Hypertrophy of salivary gland (disorder), Salivary gland hyperplasia, hyperplasia; salivary gland, hypertrophy; salivary gland, salivary gland; hyperplasia, salivary gland; hypertrophy
French Augmentation de taille des glandes salivaires, Augmentation de volume de la glande salivaire, Augmentation de volume d'une glande salivaire SAI, Hypertrophie des glandes salivaires, Hypertrophie de glande salivaire, Hyperplasie d'une glande salivaire, AUGM VOLUME GLANDES SALIVAIRES, Hypertrophies des glandes salivaires
Italian Ingrandimenti delle ghiandole salivari, Ingrandimento delle ghiandole salivari, Ipertrofia delle ghiandole salivari, Ingrandimento di ghiandola salivare, Ipertrofia della ghiandola salivare, Ingrandimento NAS delle ghiandole salivari, Iperplasia della ghiandola salivare
Dutch speekselklierhypertrofie, hypertrofie van speekselklier, speekselkliervergoting NAO, vergroting speekselklier, speekselklierhyperplasie, hyperplasie; speekselklier, hypertrofie; speekselklier, speekselklier; hyperplasie, speekselklier; hypertrofie, Hypertrofie van speekselklier, speekselkliervergoting, speekselkliervergrotingen
German Speicheldruesenvergroesserung NNB, Hypertrophie der Speicheldruese, Speicheldruesenhypertrophie, Hyperplasie der Speicheldruese, SPEICHELDRUESE VERGROESSERT, Vergroesserung der Speicheldruese, Vergroesserungen der Speicheldruesen
Portuguese Aumento de volume de glândula salivar, Aumento de volume das glândulas salivares NE, Hipertrofia das glândulas salivares, Hipertrofia de glândula salivar, Hiperplasia das glândulas salivares, HIPERTROFIA DA GLANDULA SALIVAR, Alargamento das glândulas salivares, Glândulas salivares aumentadas
Spanish Hipertrofia de glándula salival, Aumento de tamaño de la glándula salival NEOM, Hiperplasia de glándula salival, GLANDULA SALIVAL, HIPERTROFIA, hipertrofia de la glándula salival, SAI, hipertrofia de la glándula salival, SAI (trastorno), agrandamiento de la glándula salival, hiperplasia de la glándula salival, hipertrofia de la glándula salival (trastorno), hipertrofia de la glándula salival, Agrandamiento de las glándulas salivales, Aumento de tamaño de la glándula salival
Japanese 唾液腺肥大, 唾液腺の肥大, 唾液腺腫大, 唾液腺腫大NOS, ダエキセンヒダイ, ダエキセンシュダイNOS, 唾液腺過形成, ダエキセンカケイセイ, ダエキセンシュダイ, ダエキセンノヒダイ
Czech Zvětšení slinných žláz, Hypertrofie slinné žlázy, Hyperplazie slinné žlázy, Zvětšení slinné žlázy, Zvětšení slinné žlázy NOS
Korean 침샘의 비대
Hungarian Nyálmirigy megnagyobbodások, Nyálmirigy-hypertrophia, Nyálmirigy hyperplasia, Nyálmirigy megnagyobbodás k.m.n., Nyálmirigy hypertrophia, Nyálmirigy megnagyobbodás, Nyálmirigy-megnagyobbodás
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Hypertrophy of parotid gland (C0341047)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 29748005
English PAROTID ENLARGEMENT, Parotid enlargement, Enlargement parotid gland, Parotid gland enlargement of, Parotid hypertrophy, parotid gland enlargement, parotid hypertrophy, parotid enlargement, Hypertrophy of parotid gland, Parotid gland enlargement, Hypertrophy of parotid gland (disorder), hypertrophy; parotid gland
Italian Aumento di volume della ghiandola parotide, Aumento di volume della parotide, Ipertrofia parotidea, Ingrandimento della ghiandola parotide
Dutch parotis vergroting van, parotishypertrofie, vergroting parotis, hypertrofie; parotis, parotisvergroting
French Hypertrophie de la parotide, Tuméfaction de la glande parotide, Tuméfaction parotide, AUGMENTATION VOLUME PAROTIDE, Augmentation de volume de la glande parotide
German Ohrspeicheldruesenvergroesserung, Hypertrophie der Ohrspeicheldruese, OHRSPEICHELDRUESE VERGROESSERT, Parotisvergroesserung
Portuguese Aumento de volume da parótida, Hipertrofia da parótida, AUMENTO DE VOLUME DA PAROTIDA, Aumento de volume da glândula parótida
Spanish Aumento de tamaño de la parótida, Hipertrofia parotídea, PAROTIDA, HIPERTROFIA, agrandamiento de la glándula parótida, hipertrofia de la glándula parótida (trastorno), hipertrofia de la glándula parótida, Aumento de tamaño de la glándula parótida
Japanese 耳下腺腫大, 耳下腺肥大, ジカセンシュダイ, ジカセンヒダイ
Czech Zvětšení příušní žlázy, Hypertrofie příušní žlázy
Hungarian Parotis megnagyobbodás, Megnagyobbodás, parotis, Parotis hypertrophia, Parotis mirigy megnagyobbodás
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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