Otolaryngology Book


Cold Preparations

Aka: Cold Preparations, Antihistamine-Decongestant
  1. See Also
    1. Antihistamine
    2. Decongestant
    3. Nasal Saline
    4. Sore Throat Symptomatic Treatment
  2. Efficacy and Safety of Cold Preparations
    1. Sedating side effects may be only benefit
    2. No advantage compared with Placebo for Common Cold
      1. Study of 59 Preschool Children with URI
      2. Clemens (1997) J Pediatr 130:463-6 [PubMed]
    3. Cold medication components have serious adverse effects
      1. Pseudophedrine may cause Seizures in children
      2. Sedating Antihistamines have Anticholinergic effects
      3. Dextromethorphan may cause serious CNS depression
      4. Gunn (2001) Pediatrics 108:E52 [PubMed]
  3. Preparations: Preferred
    1. Nasal Saline used frequently
    2. Cough Expectorant (Guaifenesin)
  4. Preparations: Other options
    1. Pseudophedrine (indicated in Acute Sinusitis)
    2. Dextromethorphan (for cough interfering with sleep)
    3. Sedating Antihistamines
    4. Dimetapp (Phenylpropanolamine and Brompheniramine)
      1. Withdrawn from market due to phenylpropanolamine
      2. Dosing (Historical use only)
        1. Age 2-6 years: 2.5ml/dose q4h
        2. Age 6-12 years: 5 ml/dose q4h

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