Otolaryngology Book


Upper Airway Cough Syndrome

Aka: Upper Airway Cough Syndrome, UACS
  1. See Also
    1. Chronic Cough
    2. Chronic Cough Causes
    3. Rhinitis
  2. Epidemiology
    1. Most common cause of Chronic Cough in non-smoking adults with intact Immunity and normal Chest XRay
  3. Causes
    1. See Rhinitis Causes
  4. Signs
    1. Posterior pharynx drainage or mucus
    2. Throat clearing
    3. Nasal Discharge
    4. Oropharyngeal mucosa with cobblestone appearance
  5. Imaging
    1. Consider Sinus XRay or Sinus CT if persistent symptoms refractory to treatment
  6. Management
    1. Treat specific causes
      1. Sinusitis
      2. Allergic Rhinitis
    2. Trial on empiric therapy
      1. See Rhinitis for a full protocol
      2. Consider oral Antihistamine alone or in combination with a Decongestant
      3. Consider Intranasal Steroid
      4. Consider intranasal Atrovent

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