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Nasal Polyp

Aka: Nasal Polyp
  1. Definitions
    1. Arise from nasal or sinus mucosa
    2. Soft, lobulated masses
      1. Results in partial to complete obstruction
  2. Associated conditions:
    1. Chronic Allergic Rhinitis
    2. Cystic Fibrosis
    3. Aspirin sensitivity
    4. Asthma
    5. Chronic Sinusitis
  3. Signs
    1. Pale blue edematous mucosa
    2. Unilateral polyps
      1. Painless, soft lobulated masses
      2. Not fixed to underlying tissue
      3. Does not Hemorrhage
  4. Management
    1. Antihistamines with or without Decongestants
    2. Topical Steroids
    3. Surgical resection (Polypectomy)

Nasal Polyps (C0027430)

Definition (MSHCZE) Polypóza – onemocnění s hromadným výskytem polypů, zde v nosní dutině. Polyposis nasi (lat. polypóza nosu) vzniká obv. při chronickém zánětu, uplatňují se alergické faktory. Působí mechanicky, zhoršuje záněty a přispívá k jejich chronicitě, vzniká rhinophonia, může být chrápání, bolesti hlavy aj. (cit. Velký lékařský slovník online, 2013 http://lekarske.slovniky.cz/ )
Definition (NCI) A soft and painless polypoid mass that arises from the mucosa in the nasal cavity. It is usually the result of an inflammatory process. It may recur following surgical resection.
Definition (MSH) Focal accumulations of EDEMA fluid in the NASAL MUCOSA accompanied by HYPERPLASIA of the associated submucosal connective tissue. Polyps may be NEOPLASMS, foci of INFLAMMATION, degenerative lesions, or malformations.
Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190)
MSH D009298
ICD9 471.0, 471.9, 471
ICD10 J33, J33.0, J33.9
SnomedCT 195752006, 155520002, 195762004, 195754007, 52756005
English Nasal Polyps, Polyps, Nasal, Unspecified nasal polyp, NASAL POLYP, Nasal polyps, Polyp, Nasal, Polyp of nasal cavity NOS, Nasal polyp, unspecified, nasal polyps, nasal cavity polyps (diagnosis), nasal cavity polyps, nasal polyps (diagnosis), Polyps nasal, Nasal Polyps [Disease/Finding], nose polyp, cavity nasal polyps, nasal polyposis, Polyp(s);nasal, nasals polyps, polyp nasal, nose polyps, polyposis nasal, polyps nasal, Polyp of nasal cavity NOS (disorder), Nasal polyp NOS (disorder), Nasal polyp, Polyp of nasal cavity, Nasal polyp - anterior, Nasal polyposis, Polyp in anterior nares, Nasal polyp (disorder), nasal cavity; polyp, nose; polyp, polyp; nasal cavity, polyp; nose, Nasal polyp, NOS, Polyp of nasal cavity, NOS, Nasal Polyp, Nasal Cavity Polyp, Polyp of Nasal Cavity, Polyp of the Nasal Cavity, Nasal polyp NOS, nasal polyp
Dutch niet-gespecificeerde neuspoliep, neuspoliep, neus; poliep, neusholte; poliep, poliep; neusholte, poliep; neus, Neuspoliep, niet gespecificeerd, Poliep van neusholte, neuspoliepen, Neuspoliep, Poliep, neus-
French Polype nasal non précisé, Polype de la cavité nasale, POLYPE NASAL, Polypose nasale, Polype nasal, Polypes du nez, Polypes nasaux
German Polyp der Nasenhoehle, Nasenpolyp, Polypen der Nase, unspezifischer Polyp der Nase, NASENPOLYP, Nasenpolyp, nicht naeher bezeichnet, Nasenpolypen
Italian Polipo nasale, Polipi del naso, Polipi della cavità nasale, Polipi nasali non specificati, Polipi nasali
Portuguese Pólipo das fossas nasais, Pólipo nasal, Pólipo nasal NE, POLIPO NASAL, Pólipos nasais, Pólipos Nasais
Spanish Pólipo de la cavidad nasal, Pólipo nasal no especificado, Pólipo nasal, POLIPO NASAL, pólipo de la cavidad nasal, SAI (trastorno), pólipo de la cavidad nasal, SAI, pólipo nasal, SAI (trastorno), pólipo nasal, SAI, pólipo de la cavidad nasal, pólipo nasal (trastorno), pólipo nasal, Pólipos nasales, Pólipos Nasales
Japanese 鼻茸, 鼻腔ポリープ, 詳細不明の鼻茸, ビクウポリープ, ショウサイフメイノハナタケ, ハナタケ
Swedish Näspolyper
Finnish Nenäpolyypit
Czech Polyp nosní dutiny, Nazální polypy blíže neurčené, Nazální polypy, nosní polypóza, nosní polypy, polypy v nose, nos - polypy, polyposis nasi, polypóza nosu
Korean 비강의 폴립, 상세불명의 코 폴립, 코의 폴립
Polish Polipy nosa
Hungarian Nasalis polypok, Polypus nasalis, Nasalis üreg polyp, Nem meghatározott nasalis polyp, Nasalis polyp
Norwegian Polypper, nese, Nesepolypper
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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