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Lip Ulcer

Aka: Lip Ulcer
  1. See Also
    1. Lip Exam
  2. Differential Diagnosis
    1. Squamous Cell Carcinoma until proven otherwise
      1. Non-healing ulcer or thickened Plaque or wart
      2. More common in men
      3. Most common form of Oral Cancer
    2. Chancre (Syphilis)
      1. Firm, button-like ulceration with crusting
      2. Dark Field exam

Lip ulcer (disorder) (C0267033)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 64143008
English LIP ULCERATION, Ulcer of lip, sores on lips, sores on lips (symptom), sores on the lips, Lip ulcer (disorder), lip sores, Lip sore, Ulcer lip, Lip ulceration, lip ulcer, lip ulcers, lips ulcers, Sores lip, Lip ulcer, lip; ulcer, ulcer; lip
Italian Ulcerazione delle labbra, Dolore alle labbra, Ulcera delle labbra, Ulcere alle labbra
Dutch lipulcus, ulcus lip, lippijn, wondjes op de lip, lip; ulcus, ulcus; lip, lipulceratie
French Ulcère à la lèvre, Plaies sur la lèvre, Endolorissement des lèvres, Ulcère de la lèvre, ULCERATION LABIALE, Ulcération labiale
German Lippe empfindlich, Ulzerationen der Lippen, Lippenulkus, Ulkus Lippe, Lippenulzeration
Portuguese Feridas no lábio, Ferida do lábio, Úlcera labial, Úlcera do lábio, ULCERACAO LABIAL, Ulceração labial
Spanish Llaga labial, Úlcera de labio, Úlcera labial, úlcera de labio (trastorno), úlcera de labio, Ulceración labial
Japanese 口唇疼痛, 口唇炎, 口唇潰瘍, コウシントウツウ, コウシンエン, コウシンカイヨウ
Czech Bolestivý ret, Vřed rtu, Rány rtu
Hungarian Ajak fájdalma, Ajak ulceratio, Ajakfekély, Ajakerosiok, Ajak fekély
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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