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Lip Cancer

Aka: Lip Cancer, Lip Neoplasm, Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Lip
  1. See Also
    1. Lip Exam
    2. Oral Growth
  2. Pathophysiology
    1. Categorized as a skin cancer
  3. Risk Factors
    1. Prolonged Sun Exposure
    2. Pipe smoking
  4. Symptoms
    1. Recurrent or non-healing Lip Ulcer
  5. Signs
    1. Ulcer with overlying crust
    2. Borders of ulcer are heaped up
  6. Course
    1. Contiguous spread of untreated tumors
  7. Prognosis
    1. Survival: 90% (similar to skin cancers)
  8. References
    1. Diaz in Noble (2001) Primary Care Medicine, p. 1757
    2. Weinberg (2002) Am Fam Physician 65(7):1379-86 [PubMed]

Lip Neoplasms (C0023761)

Definition (NCI) A benign or malignant neoplasm involving the lip.
Definition (MSH) Tumors or cancer of the LIP.
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D008048
SnomedCT 126770008
English Lip Neoplasms, Neoplasm, Lip, Neoplasms, Lip, LIP NEOPL, NEOPL LIP, neoplasm of lip, neoplasm of lip (diagnosis), lip neoplasm, Lip Neoplasms [Disease/Finding], lips neoplasm, lip tumor, lip tumors, Lip neoplasm NOS, Lips--Tumors, Lip neoplasm, Tumor of lip, Tumour of lip, Neoplasm of lip (disorder), Neoplasm of lip, Lip Neoplasm, Lip Tumor, Neoplasm of Lip, Neoplasm of the Lip, Tumor of Lip, Tumor of the Lip
Italian Tumore delle labbra, Tumore delle labbra non specificato, Neoplasie del labbro
Dutch lipneoplasma NAO, lipneoplasma, Liptumor, Liptumoren, Tumor, lip-, Tumoren, lip-
French Tumeur de la lèvre SAI, Tumeur de la lèvre, Tumeurs de la lèvre, Tumeurs des lèvres, Tumeurs labiales
German Neubildung an der Lippe NNB, Neubildung an der Lippe, Lippentumoren, Tumoren, Lippen-
Portuguese Neoplasia do lábio NE, Neoplasia do lábio, Neoplasias Labiais
Spanish Neoplasia en labio NEOM, neoplasia de labio (trastorno), neoplasia de labio, tumor de labio, Neoplasia en labio, Neoplasias de los Labios
Japanese 口唇新生物NOS, コウシンシンセイブツ, コウシンシンセイブツNOS, 口唇腫瘍, 口唇新生物
Swedish Läpptumörer
Finnish Huulen kasvaimet
Czech Novotvar rtu, Novotvar rtu NOS, ret - nádory, nádory rtu
Polish Nowotwory warg
Hungarian Ajak neoplasia, Ajak neoplasia k.m.n.
Norwegian Leppeneoplasmer, Leppetumorer, Leppesvulster
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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