Otolaryngology Book


Sinus Transillumination

Aka: Sinus Transillumination
  1. Indication: Acute Sinusitis Evaluation
    1. Frontal Sinusitis
    2. Maxillary Sinusitis
  2. Equipment
    1. Otoscope with transillumination attachment
  3. Technique
    1. General
      1. Completely darken the room
      2. Decreased light transmission suggests Sinusitis
    2. Maxillary Sinus
      1. Position patient
        1. Patient's neck in sniffing position
          1. Neck slightly extended back
        2. Patient keeps mouth open (remove upper dentures)
      2. Place transilluminator over the lower orbital rim
        1. Apply light source below inner aspect of eye
          1. Applied just lateral to nose
        2. Direct light source downward toward mouth
      3. Observe for glow on Hard Palate of open mouth
        1. Normal if dim red glow seen on Hard Palate
        2. Compare both sides
    3. Frontal Sinus
      1. Place transilluminator at superior medial orbit edge
        1. Light placed deep under each brow pointed upward
        2. Cover light source with hand over patient's eye
          1. Shields light source from examiner
        3. Transilluminate up through floor of Frontal Sinus
      2. Observe for glow at anterior Frontal Sinus wall
        1. Normal if dim red glow seen over frontal area
        2. Compare both sides

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