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Hearing Testing

Aka: Hearing Testing, Hearing Test
  1. See also
    1. Hearing Impairment Severity Scale
    2. Tuning Fork Tests
    3. Newborn Hearing Screening
    4. Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly
    5. Pediatric Hearing Screening
  2. Indication: Hearing Loss Screening
    1. Sensorineural Hearing Loss
    2. Conductive Hearing Loss
  3. Exam
    1. See Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly
    2. Speech Recognition
      1. See Hearing Impairment Severity Scale
      2. Speech Reception Threshold (SRT)
        1. Decibel level at which 50% of words understood
      3. Speech Recognition Score (SRS)
        1. Percentage words understood at 40 db over SRT
    3. Whispered Voice Testing
      1. Typically limited to DOT Physical
      2. Patient occludes opposite ear
      3. Examiner whispers questions or commands
      4. Patient answers or follows commands
      5. Avoid testing with finger snapping or ticking watch
        1. Not accurate for Hearing Testing
  4. Evaluation
    1. Audiogram

Hearing Tests (C0018786)

Definition (NCI) A graphic record of the softest sounds that a person can hear at various frequencies, used to measure hearing loss.
Definition (CSP) a general term for the measurement of hearing.
Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
MSH D006320
ICD9 95.42, 95.47
SnomedCT 34091002, 141914007, 148632000, 164745006, 398171003, 252575000, 32921008, 398280008
English Hearing Tests, Hearing Test, Test, Hearing, Tests, Hearing, examination of hearing, examination of hearing (physical finding), hearing, hearing exam, Clinical hearing test, Hearing examination NOS, clinical hearing tests, hearing tests, audiograms, exams hearing, Test;hearing, auditory tests, hearing test, auditory test, audiogram, hearing testing, auditory testing, hear test, hearing examination, Individual hearing examination (procedure), Hearing test, Hearing examination, Clinical test of hearing, Auditory testing, Individual hearing examination, Audiogram, HT - Hearing test, Hearing examination (procedure), Audiogram (procedure), Auditory acuity evaluation (procedure), Auditory acuity evaluation, Auditory testing (procedure), Hearing examination, NOS, Clinical test of hearing, NOS, Auditory acuity evaluation, NOS, Audiogram, NOS, Hearing examination, not otherwise specified
Italian Audiogramma, Test dell'udito, Esami audiometrici
Dutch gehoortest, audiogram, Gehoortest, Gehoortests, Test, gehoor-
German Hoertest, Audiogramm, Hörprüfungen, Hörtests
Portuguese Prova de audição, Audiograma, Testes Auditivos
Spanish Prueba de audición, evaluación de la agudeza auditiva, examen de la audición (procedimiento), prueba clínica de la audición, examen de la audición, Tests Auditivos, audiograma (procedimiento), audiograma, evaluación de agudeza auditiva (procedimiento), evaluación de agudeza auditiva, examen audiológico (procedimiento), examen audiológico, prueba auditiva (procedimiento), prueba auditiva, Audiograma, Pruebas Auditivas
Japanese 聴力図, 聴覚検査, チョウカクケンサ, チョウリョクズ
Swedish Hörseltester
French Test d'audition, Tests de l'audition, Tests auditifs, Audiogramme
Czech sluchové testy, Test sluchu, Audiogram
Finnish Kuulokokeet
Polish Badanie słuchu, Testy słuchu, Próby słuchowe
Hungarian Audiogram, Hallás vizsgálat
Norwegian Hørselsprøver, Hørselstester
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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