Otolaryngology Book


Otitis Media without Effusion

Aka: Otitis Media without Effusion, Myringitis
  1. Signs
    1. Tympanic Membrane erythema
    2. Opacification of TM without effusion
  2. Course
    1. Early Acute Otitis Media
    2. Resolution of Otitis Media

Myringitis (C0027134)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD10 H73.2, H73.20
SnomedCT 14852000
Italian Miringite, Miringite NAS
Dutch trommelvliesontsteking NAO, trommelvliesontsteking
French Myringite SAI, Myringite
German Myringitis NNB, Myringitis
Portuguese Miringite NE, Miringite
Spanish Miringitis NEOM, miringitis (trastorno), miringitis, Miringitis
Japanese 鼓膜炎, 鼓膜炎NOS, コマクエン, コマクエンNOS
English myringitis, myringitis (diagnosis), Myringitis NOS, Unspecified myringitis, Unspecified myringitis, unspecified ear, Inflammation;tympanic membra, Myringitis, Tympanitis, Myringitis (disorder), tympanitis, Myringitis, NOS, inflammation of the tympanic membrane
Czech Myringitida, Myringitida NOS
Hungarian myringitis, Myringitis k.m.n.
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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