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Papular Urticaria

Aka: Papular Urticaria
  1. Epidemiology
    1. Seen in infants and children following Insect Bites
  2. Etiology
    1. ID Reaction response to Insect Bites
  3. Signs
    1. Generalized pruritic rash
    2. Fine, firm Papules and papulovesicular lesions
    3. Appear in clusters
      1. Trunk
      2. Extensor arms and legs
  4. Course
    1. May persist for 2-12 days
    2. Recurrent Arthropod Bites may give prolonged reaction
    3. Lesions may become hyperpigmented
      1. Excoriation provokes Hyperpigmentation response
  5. Management
    1. Antihistamines
    2. Calamine lotion

Papular urticaria (C0263352)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH C537169
SnomedCT 201018009, 55608001
Italian Orticaria papulosa, Eruzione da orticaria papulosa
Dutch papel urticaria eruptie, papel urticaria, lichen; urticatus, urticatus; lichen, urticaria papels
French Eruption d'urticaire papulaire, Urticaire papulaire, Urticaire papuleuse
German Lichen urticatus-Ausschlag, Lichen urticatus
Portuguese Erupção urticariopapulosa, Urticária papulosa
Spanish Erupción urticaria papulosa, Urticaria papular, estrófulo, liquen urticante, prurigo simple (trastorno), prurigo simple, urticaria papulosa, Urticaria papulosa
Japanese 丘疹状蕁麻疹, 丘疹状蕁麻疹様皮疹, キュウシンジョウジンマシン, キュウシンジョウジンマシンヨウヒシン
English papular urticaria (diagnosis), prurigo simplex, prurigo simplex (diagnosis), papular urticaria, Papular urticarial eruption, Urticaria papular, Bullous papular urticaria - type, Papular urticaria, strophulus, Lichen urticatus, Prurigo simplex, Strophulus, Prurigo simplex (disorder), lichen; urticatus, urticatus; lichen, Prurigo, simplex
Czech Papulózní kopřivkový výsev, Papulózní kopřivka
Hungarian Urticaria papulosa, Papulosus urticaria, Papulosus urticariás kiütés
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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