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Organ of Corti

Aka: Organ of Corti
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Organ of Corti structure (C0029207)

Definition (CSP) organ that contains the special sensory receptors for hearing, composed of a series of epithelial structures placed upon the inner part of the basilar membrane.
Definition (MSH) The spiral EPITHELIUM containing sensory AUDITORY HAIR CELLS and supporting cells in the cochlea. Organ of Corti, situated on the BASILAR MEMBRANE and overlaid by a gelatinous TECTORIAL MEMBRANE, converts sound-induced mechanical waves to neural impulses to the brain.
Concepts Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component (T023)
MSH D009925
SnomedCT 67788009
English Corti Organ, Corti's Organ, Cortis Organ, Organ of Corti, Organ, Corti's, Organ, Spiral, Organs, Spiral, Spiral Organ, Spiral Organs, organ of Corti, Spiral Organ of Corti, Spiral organ of cochlea, Spiral organ of Corti, Organum spirale, Cochlear spiral organ, Corti's organ, Spiral organ, Organ of Corti structure (body structure), Organ of Corti structure, Organ of Corti, NOS
French Organe de Corti, Organe spiral
Swedish Cortis organ
Czech Cortiho orgán
Finnish Kierteiselin
Japanese Corti器, Corti器官, らせん器, コルチ器, コルチ器官, コルチ膜, ラセン器, 螺旋器
Italian Organo spirale, Organo del Corti
Latvian Kortija orgāns
Spanish Órgano Espiral, Órgano de Corti, estructura del órgano de Corti (estructura corporal), estructura del órgano de Corti, órgano de Corti, órgano espiralado
Portuguese Órgão de Corti, Órgão Espiral
Polish Narząd Cortiego, Narząd spiralny
Norwegian Cortis organ, Organum spirale, Spiralorgan
German Corti-Organ, Organum spirale
Dutch Corti, orgaan van, Orgaan van Corti, Organum spirale
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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