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Aka: Tattoo
  1. See Also
    1. Ear Piercing
    2. Body Piercing
  2. Adverse Effects
    1. Bacterial Skin Infection (e.g. Cellulitis)
    2. Allergic Reaction
    3. Scar formation (e.g. Keloid)
  3. Management: Acute
    1. Symptomatic relief
      1. Ice packs (applied no more than 20 min/hour) decrease local swelling and pain
      2. Avoid topical Diphenhydramine
        1. Risk of skin sensitization
      3. Avoid topical Hydrocortisone
        1. Risk of secondary infection
    2. Infection Risk
      1. Patients should be made aware of infection signs (redness, fever, Pustules, fould drainage)
        1. Seek medical attention if these occur
      2. Avoid preventive topical antibiotic use (e.g. Bacitracin)
        1. Likely ineffective and risk of reaction
      3. Clean Tattoo sites with Mild Soap and water twice daily
        1. Standard Mild Soaps are as safe and effective as specific targeted products (e.g. Tattoo Goo)
      4. Apply hypoallergenic Skin Lubricant after washing skin
        1. Petroleum-based products are likely safe (despite concern that they may fade Tattoo)
      5. Avoid swimming until Tattoo site heals (2-4 weeks)
        1. Life threatening, serious infections have occurred in those with new Tattoos and contaminated water exposure
  4. Management: Longterm
    1. Sunscreen regular use
      1. Prevents skin cancer as well as Tattoo fading
    2. Vaccinations
      1. May be safely administered through a Tattoo site after it has healed
    3. Transdermal patches
      1. Avoid placing over a Tattoo site (especially a fresh Tattoo site)
    4. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
      1. Rare burns and other reactions have occurred at Tattoo sites during MRI (postulated due to metals in certain inks)
  5. References
    1. (2017) Presc Lett 24(9): 52

Tattoo (C1366940)

Definition (NCI) A permanent mark created by the insertion of pigment below the skin.
Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 341000119102
Italian Tatuaggio
Japanese 刺青, シセイ, イレズミ
English tattoo (physical finding), tattoo, Tattoo of skin, Tattoo of skin (finding), Skin Tattoo, Tattoo, Tattoos
Czech Tetování
Hungarian Tetoválás
Spanish tatuaje de piel (hallazgo), tatuaje de piel, Tatuaje
Portuguese Tatuagem
Dutch tatoeage
French Tatouage
German Taetowierung
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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