Dermatology Book


Skin Cosmetic Procedure

Aka: Skin Cosmetic Procedure, Aesthetic Procedure, Skin Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery

Esthetic Surgery (C0162472)

Concepts Biomedical Occupation or Discipline (T091)
MSH D013518
English Surgery, Esthetic, Esthetic Surgeries, Surgeries, Esthetic, SURG ESTHETIC, ESTHETIC SURG, surgery esthetic, esthetic surgery, Esthetic Surgery
Portuguese Cirurgia Estética
Spanish Cirugía Estética
French Chirurgie esthétique
German Schönheitschirurgie, Chirurgie, Schönheits-
Italian Chirurgia estetica
Czech chirurgie estetická
Norwegian Estetisk kirurgi, spesialitet
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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