Dermatology Book


Blunt Dissection

Aka: Blunt Dissection
  1. Indication
    1. Plantar Wart
  2. Advantages over other surgical techniques (e.g. ED&C)
    1. Does not disturb normal tissue
  3. Efficacy
    1. Cure rate in Plantar Warts approaches 90%
  4. Equipment
    1. Blunt Dissector or
    2. Schamberg acne expressor
  5. Technique
    1. Administer Local LidocaineAnesthesia
    2. Outline edge of lesion
      1. Insert blunt tipped scissors between wart and skin
      2. Move tip circumferentially around wart
      3. Creates plane of dissection (separate wart from skin)
    3. Insert blunt dissector into cleavage plane
    4. Use short strokes to separate wart from skin
      1. Wart scooped out in one piece
  6. After Care
    1. Apply new bandage daily for first 3-4 days
    2. Leave lesion uncovered after first 3-4 days
  7. References
    1. Habif (1996) Dermatology, p. 818
    2. Pringle (1973) Arch Dermatol 108:79-82 [PubMed]

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