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Oatmeal Bath

Aka: Oatmeal Bath, Aveeno
  1. Indications: Symptomatic treatment of Pruritus
    1. Chicken Pox
    2. Poison Ivy
  2. Preparations: Commercial
    1. Aveeno (Oatmeal) as bath packets or lotion
  3. Preparations: Homemade Oatmeal Bath
    1. Fill one leg of nylon stocking with 2 cups of oats
    2. Tie stocking end in a knot
    3. Set bath faucet to comfortable Temperature
    4. Turn on bath faucet (comfortable Temperature)
    5. Hold stocking under faucet flowing at full force
    6. Swirl stocking through water several times
    7. Wring stocking out over water
    8. Discard stocking (do not reuse)
    9. Patient soaks in tub for 15 to 20 minutes
  4. Preparations: Alternative Homemade Oatmeal Bath
    1. Grind 1 cup oatmeal into fine powder in blender
      1. Use only 1/3 cup for infant bath tub
    2. Sprinkle oatmeal powder into bath water and stir
    3. Patient soaks in tub for 15 to 20 minutes
  5. References
    1. Quaker Oatmeal

AVEENO (C0718744)

Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121) , Organic Chemical (T109)
English AVEENO, Aveeno, aveeno
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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