Dermatology Book


Intralesional Bleomycin

Aka: Intralesional Bleomycin
  1. Technique
    1. Diluted to 1-5 units/ml in sterile saline
    2. Inject with 0.5cc tuberculin syringe (#30 1/2 inch)
    3. Strictly limit application to wart
    4. Maximum dose
      1. Two units per treatment
      2. No more than 1 unit per individual wart
    5. May repeat after 2-3 weeks
  2. Disadvantages
    1. Severe pain
    2. Hemorrhagic eschar
    3. Risk of scarring
    4. High cost ($300/vial)
  3. Precautions: Avoid acral lesions
    1. Risk of persistent digital vasospasm
    2. Risk of Raynaud's Syndrome

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