Dermatology Book


Subungual Foreign Body

Aka: Subungual Foreign Body
  1. Management
    1. Distal Subungual Foreign Body
      1. Trim nail
      2. Grasp foreign body with forceps and extract
      3. Observe for Subungual Hematoma from Nail Bed Laceration
    2. Proximal Subungual Foreign Body
      1. Digital Block
      2. Elevate nail with Freer elevator (avoiding nail bed injury)
      3. Attempt to grasp foreign body and extract without nail removal
        1. If unable, See Nail Removal
        2. May remove half the nail plate to access the foreign body if needed
      4. Repair Nail Bed Laceration if present
  2. References
    1. Lin, Gajendran and Orman in Herbert (2016) EM:Rap 16(11): 7-8

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