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Aka: Onycholysis
  1. See Also
    1. Fingernail
    2. Nail Abnormality
  2. Definition
    1. Loosening or detachment of nail from nail bed
    2. Nail plate separates at free edge
  3. Signs
    1. Area of detachment appears as white discoloration
    2. Appears to be a "Spot of oil" under the nail
  4. Causes
    1. Local skin conditions
      1. Active Psoriasis
      2. Eczematous Dermatitis
      3. Lichen Planus
      4. Blistering skin diseases
      5. Periungual warts
      6. Onychomycosis
      7. Local Trauma
    2. Systemic disease
      1. Iron Deficiency Anemia
      2. Hyperthyroidism (Plummer's Nails)
      3. Connective Tissue Diseases
      4. Amyloidosis
      5. Sarcoidosis

Onycholysis (C0085661)

Definition (NCI) A nail condition characterized by spontaneous separation of a fingernail or toenail from its nail bed.(NICHD)
Definition (MSH) Separation of nail plate from the underlying nail bed. It can be a sign of skin disease, infection (such as ONYCHOMYCOSIS) or tissue injury.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D054039
ICD10 L60.1
SnomedCT 156405001, 75789001
English ONYCHOLYSIS, Onycholysis, Onycholyses, onycholysis (physical finding), nails onycholysis, onycholysis, onycholysis was noted, Onycholysis [Disease/Finding], nail detachment, nail plate separation, Oncholysis, Separation of nail plate, Detachment of nail, Onycholysis (disorder)
Japanese ソウコウリショウショウ, 爪甲離床症, 爪剥離症, 爪剥離, 爪甲剥離症, 爪甲剥離
Portuguese Onicólise, ONICOLISE
Spanish Onicólisis, ONICOLISIS, onicólisis (trastorno), onicólisis, separación del lecho ungueal, Onicolisis
Finnish Onykolyysi
French Onycholyse, ONYCHOLYSE
German Onycholysis, ONYCHOLYSIS, Onycholyse
Italian Onicolisi
Czech Onycholýza, onycholýza
Korean 손[발]톱 박리증
Swedish Onykolys
Polish Onycholiza, Fotoonycholiza
Hungarian Onycholysis
Norwegian Onykolyse
Dutch Onycholyse, onycholyse
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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