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Nail Longitudinal Striation

Aka: Nail Longitudinal Striation, Nail Longitudinal Band, Trachyonychia, 20-nail Dystrophy, Twenty Nail Dystrophy
  1. See Also
    1. Vertical Nail Bands (Longitudinal Melanonychia)
    2. Transverse Linear Nail Lesion
    3. Fingernail
    4. Nail Abnormality
    5. Nail Discoloration
  2. Definitions
    1. Trachyonychia
      1. Striations due to aging
      2. Associated with sandpaper appearance to nail
    2. 20-nail Dystrophy
      1. Diffuse Trachyonychia involving all nails
  3. Causes: Diffuse Trachyonychia (20-nail Dystrophy)
    1. Alopecia Areata
    2. Vitiligo
    3. Psoriasis
    4. Atopic Dermatitis
  4. Types: Longitudinal Lines
    1. Nail Splinter Hemorrhage
      1. Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis
      2. May also be caused by Oral Contraceptives, Psoriasis, cancer, Rheumatologic Disorders, Trauma
    2. Median Nail Groove causes
      1. Habit tics
      2. Self-limiting dystrophy of Heller
    3. Dark pigmented longitudinal lines (Melanonychia)
      1. Vertical Nail Bands (Longitudinal Melanonychia)
        1. Normal variant in patients with dark-skin
      2. Subungual Melanoma (also seen with dark-skin)
        1. See Melanonychia
  5. References
    1. Fawcett (2004) Am Fam Physician 69(6):1417-24 [PubMed]

Longitudinal split nail (C0263530)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 85136002, 267861009, 34901000009102
Dutch onychorrhexis, lengtestrepen op de nagel
French Onychorrhexie, Stries longitudinales des ongles
German Onychorrhexis, Laegnsstreifen an den Naegeln
Italian Onicoressi, Striature longitudinali delle unghie
Portuguese Onicorréxis, Estrias longitudinais das unhas
Spanish Onicorrexis, Estriaciones longitudinales de las uñas, onicorrexis (trastorno), onicorrexis, surcos longitudinales de la uña (trastorno), surcos longitudinales de la uña
Japanese 爪甲縦裂症, ソウコウジュウレツショウ, ソウジュウレツ, 爪縦裂
English onychorrhexis, onychorrhexis (brittle nail), onychorrhexis (physical finding), brittle nail, onychorrhexis was noted, Longitudinal split nail, Nail longitudinal striations, Broken claw, Broken nail (disorder), Broken nail, Onychorrhexis, Fractured toenail, Longitudinal split of nail, Longitudinal split nail (disorder)
Czech Lámavost nehtu, Longitudinální rýhování nehtu
Hungarian Onychorrhexis, Longitudinalis köröm vonalak
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Twenty nail dystrophy (C0406443)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019) , Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH C562907
SnomedCT 238719003
English twenty nail dystrophy (diagnosis), twenty nail dystrophy, ONYCHODYSTROPHY TOTALIS, ISOLATED, trachonychia, NDNC1, TWENTY-NAIL DYSTROPHY, NAIL DISORDER, NONSYNDROMIC CONGENITAL, 1, Onychodystrophy Totalis, Isolated, Twenty-Nail Dystrophy, Trachonychia, Twenty nail dystrophy (disorder), Twenty nail dystrophy
Spanish distrofia de las veinte uñas (trastorno), distrofia de las veinte uñas, traquioniquia
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Trachyonychia (C0546956)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 69192004, 271769009, 201126003
English Fragilitas unguium, Nail(s) Brittle, Trachyonychia, BRITTLE NAILS, brittle nails, brittle nails (symptom), Broken nails, brittle nail, Breaking;nail(s), Brittle;nail(s), onychoclasis, trachyonychia, breaking nails, nails breaking, fragilitas unguium, nails brittle, breaking nail, Nail(s) brittle, Brittle nails, Trachyonychia (disorder), brittle nail(s), Onychoclasis
Dutch onychoclasis, brosse nagels, gebroken nagels
French Onychoclasie, Ongles cassants, FRAGILITE UNGUEALE, Ongles cassés
German Onychoklasie, bruechige Naegel, Gebrochene Naegel
Italian Onicoclasia, Fragilità ungueale, Unghie spezzate
Portuguese Onicloclasia, Unhas quebradiças, UNHAS QUEBRADICAS, Unhas partidas
Spanish Onicoclasia, Uñas frágiles, Uñas rotas, fragilidad ungueal, traquioniquia (trastorno), traquioniquia, uñas frágiles (trastorno), uñas frágiles, uñas quebradizas
Japanese 爪破損, 脆弱爪, ツメハソン, ゼイジャクソウ, ソウハソン
Czech Křehké nehty, Zlomení nehtu, Zlámané nehty
Hungarian Törött körmök, Töredező körmök, Onychoclasis
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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