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Aka: Koilonychia, Spoon Nails
  1. See Also
    1. Fingernail
    2. Nail Abnormality
  2. Signs
    1. Concave or Spoon shaped nails
  3. Causes
    1. Normal finding in infants
      1. Resolves within first 1-2 years of life
    2. Iron Deficiency Anemia
    3. Hypothyroidism
    4. Trauma
    5. Impaired peripheral circulation
    6. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    7. Hemochromatosis
    8. Raynaud's Disease
    9. Contact Dermatitis to petroleum-based solvent
    10. Nail-Patella Syndrome (Autosomal Dominant)
      1. Hypoplastic Patella - commonly dislocated
      2. Glaucoma
      3. Renal disease
      4. Musculoskeletal conditions
  4. References
    1. Tully (2012) Am Fam Physician 85(8): 779-87 [PubMed]

Koilonychia (C0221261)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
SnomedCT 66270006
Italian Coilonichia
Japanese さじ状爪, サジジョウソウ, サジジョウツメ
Czech Koilonychie
English nails spoon, spoon nails, koilonychia, nail spooning, spooned nails, Koilonychia, Spoon nails, Spoon-shaped nails, Koilonychia (disorder), spoon nail
Hungarian Koilonychia
Spanish coiloniquia (trastorno), coiloniquia, uña en cuchara, Coiloniquia
Portuguese Quiloníquia
Dutch koilonychie
French Koïlonychie
German Koilonychie
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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