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Cutaneous Candidiasis

Aka: Cutaneous Candidiasis
  1. See Also
    1. Thrush
    2. Systemic Candidiasis
    3. Skin Infection
    4. Cutaneous Fungal Infection
  2. Risk Factors
    1. Diabetes Mellitus
    2. Systemic antibiotics
    3. Ill-fitting dentures
    4. Pregnancy
    5. Immunodeficiency
    6. Elderly
    7. Hypoparathyroidism
    8. Hypothyroidism
    9. Iron Deficiency Anemia
    10. Zinc Deficiency
  3. Exam: Distribution
    1. Intertrigo
    2. Paronychia
    3. Perioral Dermatitis
    4. Cheilitis
    5. Balanitis
  4. Differential Diagnosis
    1. Oral Mucositis
    2. Drug allergy
    3. Leukoplakia
    4. Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)
    5. Bacterial Infection (e.g. Impetigo)
    6. Eczematous Dermatitis
    7. Dermatophyte
      1. See Differential Diagnosis for Tinea Cruris
  5. Management
    1. Cutaneous Candidiasis
      1. Topical anti-fungal

Cutaneous Candidiasis (C0006846)

Definition (MSH) Candidiasis of the skin manifested as eczema-like lesions of the interdigital spaces, perleche, or chronic paronychia. (Dorland, 27th ed)
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D002179
SnomedCT 49883006
English Candidiases, Cutaneous, Candidiasis, Cutaneous, Cutaneous Candidiases, Cutaneous Moniliases, Moniliases, Cutaneous, Moniliasis, Cutaneous, Cutaneous Moniliasis, Skin Candidiasis, Cutaneous Candidiasis, cutaneous candidiasis (diagnosis), cutaneous candidiasis, Candida rash, Skin candida NOS, Candidiasis of skin NOS, Cutaneous moniliasis, Moniliasis cutaneous, Monilia of skin NOS, Monilial rash, Moniliasis skin, Thrush of skin NOS, Cutaneous candidiasis, Candidiasis, Cutaneous [Disease/Finding], candida skin, skin thrush, skin candida, rash candida, candidiasis cutaneous, candida infections skin, candida skin infection, cutaneous moniliasis, candida rash, candidiasis skin, Candida of skin, Skin candida, Candidiasis of skin, Candidosis of skin, Candidiasis of skin (disorder), candidiasis; skin, skin; candidiasis
Italian Candida della cute, Eruzione da candida, Candida cutanea NAS, Candidiasi della pelle, Candidiasi cutanea non specificata, Esantema da Candida, Candida della cute NAS, Candidiasi della cute, Candidiasi della cute NAS, Moniliasi cutanea, Candidosi cutanea
Dutch Monilia-rash, huidcandida NAO, Candida-rash, moniliasis huid, spruw van de huid NAO, moniliase van de huid NAO, cutane moniliasis, moniliasis cutaan, candidiasis van de huid NAO, candidiasis; huid, huid; candidiasis, candida op de huid, Candidiasis, cutane, Cutane candidiasis, Moniliasis, cutane
French Eruption cutanée provoquée par la candidose, Candidiase cutanée SAI, Eruption cutanée provoquée par la moniliase, Candidose cutanée SAI, Moniliase de la peau, Moniliase cutanée SAI, Moniliase cutanée, Candida cutané, Candidose cutanée, Candidiase cutanée, Candidose de la peau et des ongles
German Moniliose Haut, kutane Moniliose, von Moniliose verursachter Ausschlag, Candidose der Haut NNB, Moniliose der Haut NNB, Moniliose kutan, Haut Candida NNB, Soor der Haut NNB, von Candida verursachter Ausschlag, Candida der Haut, Candidose, Haut-, Kandidose, Haut-, Kandidose, kutane, Moniliasis, kutane
Portuguese Candidíase cutânea NE, Moliníase cutânea, Erupção cutânea por Candida, Candidíase da pele NE, Monilíase cutânea, Erupção cutânea por monilia, Monilia cutânea NE, Cândida cutânea, Candidíase Cutânea, Monilíase Cutânea
Spanish Cándida cutánea NEOM, Candidiasis de piel NEOM, Erupción por cándida, Moniliasis cutánea, Erupción por monilia, Moniliasis de piel, Monilia de piel NEOM, candidosis de la piel, candidiasis de piel, candidiasis de la piel (trastorno), candidiasis de la piel, candidiasis de piel (trastorno), candidiasis cutánea, candidiosis de la piel, Candidiasis cutánea, Candidiasis Cutánea, Moniliasis Cutánea
Japanese カンジダ皮疹, 皮膚カンジダNOS, 皮膚カンジダ症NOS, 皮膚カンジダ, 皮膚モニリアNOS, モニリア皮疹, ヒフカンジダショウNOS, カンジダヒシン, ヒフモニリアショウ, ヒフカンジダNOS, ヒフモニリアNOS, ヒフカンジダ, モニリアヒシン, カンジダ症-皮膚, 皮膚カンジダ症, 皮膚モニリア症, モニリア症-皮膚
Swedish Kandidos, kutan
Czech kandidóza kožní, Kožní moniliáza, Kožní kandidóza, Kandidová vyrážka, Moučnivka kůže NOS, Kožní moniliáza NOS, Kandidóza kůže NOS
Finnish Ihon hiivasienitauti
Polish Kandydoza skóry
Hungarian bőrcandida k.m.n., bőr candidiasis, Candida okozta kiütés, cutan moniliasis, bőr moniliasisa, Bőr candidiasisa k.m.n., Cutan moniliasis, Bőrmonilia k.m.n., Moniliazisos kiütés, bőrpenész k.m.n.
Norwegian Candidainfeksjon i huden, Kutan kandidosis, Kutan moniliasis
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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