Dermatology Book


Hair Pull Test

Aka: Hair Pull Test
  1. Indications
    1. Alopecia
  2. Preparation
    1. Do not Shampoo hair 24 hours before test
  3. Technique
    1. Grasp small clump (40-60 hairs) in index, middle and thumb
    2. Pull hairs gently but with firm pressure
  4. Interpretation: Count hairs shed with maneuver
    1. Normal shedding: <10% of hairs pulled (or 4-6 or fewer hairs shed)
      1. May also be falsely negative due to inadequate force
    2. Active shedding: More than 10% of hairs pulled or 4-6 or more hairs shed
      1. Telogen Effluvium
      2. Anagen Effluvium
      3. Alopecia Areata
  5. References
    1. Shapiro (2000) Can Fam Physician 46:1469-77 [PubMed]

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