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Periodontal Bleeding

Aka: Periodontal Bleeding, Oral Bleeding, Gingival Hemorrhage, Gingival Bleeding, Bleeding Gums

Gingival Hemorrhage (C0017565)

Definition (MSH) The flowing of blood from the marginal gingival area, particularly the sulcus, seen in such conditions as GINGIVITIS, marginal PERIODONTITIS, injury, and ASCORBIC ACID DEFICIENCY.
Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D005884
SnomedCT 162015001, 139282006, 86276007
English Gingival Hemorrhages, Hemorrhage, Gingival, GINGIVAL BLEEDING, Gingiva Hemorrhage, gingival hemorrhage (physical finding), bleeding gums, bleeding gums (symptom), gingival hemorrhage, gingival bleeding, Gingival Hemorrhage, Bleeding gingival, Gum bleeding, Hemorrhage gingival, Gingivitis hemorrhagic, Gum haemorrhage, Gum hemorrhage, Hemorrhage gum, Gingival Hemorrhage [Disease/Finding], Bleeding;gums, gum bleeding, bleed gums, gums bleeding, bleeding gum, gum bleed, bleeding gingival, Gingival haemorrhages, Gingivitis haemorrhagic, Haemorrhage gingival, Haemorrhage gum, Bleeding gums, Gingival haemorrhage, Gingival hemorrhage, Gingival bleeding, Bleeding gums (finding), gingiva; hemorrhage, gum; hemorrhage, hemorrhage; gingiva, hemorrhage; gum, Gingival hemorrhages, bleeding from the gums
Portuguese HEMORRAGIA GENGIVAL, Gengivite hemorrágica, Hemorragia gengival, Hemorragias gengivais, Hemorragia Gengival
Spanish HEMORRAGIA GINGIVAL, Sangrado gingival, Gingivitis hemorrágica, Hemorragia de encías, Hemorragia de las encías, Sangrado de encías, encías sangrantes (hallazgo), encías sangrantes, hemorragia gingival, Hemorragia gingival, Hemorragias gingivales, Hemorragia Gingival
Italian Emorragie gengivali, Sanguinamento gengivale, Gengivite emorragica, Gengivorragia, Emorragia gengivale
Dutch gingivitis hemorragisch, hemorragie gingiva, tandvleesbloeding, tandvleeshemorragie, bloeding tandvlees, hemorragie tandvlees, bloeding; gingiva, bloeding; tandvlees, gingiva; bloeding, tandvlees; bloeding, gingiva-bloeding, tandvleesbloedingen, Bloedend tandvlees, Bloeding, gingiva-, Gingivabloeding, Tandvleesbloeding
French Gingivite hémorragique, Saignement des gencives, Hémorragie de la gencive, HEMORRAGIE GINGIVALE, Hémorragies gingivales, Saignement gingival, Gingivorragie, Hémorragie des gencives, Hémorragie gingivale
German Blutung der Gingiva, Blutung, Zahnfleisch, Gingivitis, haemorrhagisch, Zahnfleischblutung, ZAHNFLEISCHBLUTEN, Zahnfleischblutungen, Gingivablutung, Zahnfleischbluten, Blutung, Zahnfleisch-, Hämorrhagie, Gingiva-
Swedish Blödande tandkött
Japanese シニクシュッケツ, 歯肉出血, 歯ぎん出血, 出血-歯ぎん, 出血-歯肉
Czech dásně - hemoragie, Hemoragie z dásně, Hemoragický zánět dásně, Krvácení gingivální, Krvácení z dásní, Hemoragická gingivitida, Gingivální hemoragie, Krvácení z dásně, Gingivální krvácení, Krvácení z gingivy, Gingivální hemorhagie, Hemoragie gingivy
Finnish Ienverenvuoto
Polish Krwawienie z dziąseł
Hungarian Gingivitis haemorrhagiás, Vérzés fogíny, Fogínyvérzés, Gingivavérzés, Fogíny vérzés, Gingivalis vérzés, Fogíny-vérzés, Fogíny vérzése, Fogíny vérzések, Fogíny haemorrhagia
Norwegian Blødende tannkjøtt, Gingivalblødning, Gingivalhemoragi, Tannkjøttsblødning
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Oral Hemorrhage (C0029163)

Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by bleeding from the mouth.
Definition (NCI) Bleeding originating from the mouth.
Definition (MSH) Bleeding from the blood vessels of the mouth, which may occur as a result of injuries to the mouth, accidents in oral surgery, or diseases of the gums.
Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
MSH D006472
SnomedCT 22490002, 300252006, 300253001
English Hemorrhage, Oral, Oral Hemorrhage, Oral Hemorrhages, MOUTH HAEMORRHAGE, MOUTH HEMORRHAGE, ORAL HAEMORRHAGE, ORAL HEMORRHAGE, Hemorrhage from mouth, Mouth haemorrhage, Hemorrhage mouth, Hemorrhage of mouth, Mouth hemorrhage, Hemorrhage oral, Oral Hemorrhage [Disease/Finding], Bleeding;mouth, bleeding mouth, oral bleeding, bleeding in mouth, haemorrhage oral, mouth bleeding, bleeding from mouth, oral hemorrhage, Bleeding mouth, Oral soft tissue haemorrhages, Mouth bleeding, Bleeding from mouth (finding), Haemorrhage mouth, Haemorrhage of mouth, Haemorrhage oral, Bleeding of mouth (finding), Oral bleeding, Bleeding from mouth, Bleeding in mouth, Oral haemorrhage, Oral hemorrhage, Bleeding of mouth, Stomatorrhagia, Bleeding from mouth (disorder), hemorrhage; mouth, mouth; hemorrhage, stomatorrhagia, Oral soft tissue hemorrhages, bleeding from the mouth
Portuguese HEMORRAGIA BUCAL, Hemorragia da boca, Hemorragia oral, HEMORRAGIA ORAL, Sangramento da boca, Hemorragia bucal, Hemorragias dos tecidos moles orais, Hemorragia Bucal
Spanish HEMORRAGIA BUCAL, Hemorragia oral, Sangrado oral, Hemorragia de la boca, Hemoragia oral, HEMORRAGIA ORAL, Sangrado de boca, hemorragia oral, hemorragia proveniente de la boca (trastorno), hemorragia proveniente de la boca, sangrado proveniente de la boca, Hemorragia de boca, Hemorragia de los tejidos blandos de la boca, Hemorragia Bucal
Italian Emorragia dalla bocca, Emorragie dei tessuti molli della bocca, Emorragia della bocca, Sanguinamento della bocca, Sanguinamento dalla bocca, Emorragia orale
Dutch hemorragie oraal, bloedende mond, bloeding van mond, hemorragie van mond, hemorragie mond, mondhemorragie, orale hemorragie, bloeding; mond, mond; bloeding, mondbloeding, orale wekedelenbloedingen, Bloeding, orale, Orale bloeding
French Hémorragie de la bouche, Hémorragie orale, Saignement de la bouche, HEMORRAGIE BUCCALE, Saignement de bouche, Hémorragies du tissu mou buccal, Stomatorragie, Hémorragie buccale
German orale Blutung, Blutung oral, blutender Mund, Blutung des Mundes, Mundblutung, BLUTUNG MUNDHOEHLE, BLUTUNG MUND, Bluten des Munds, Blutung Mund, Blutungen der Weichteile des Mundes, Blutung, orale, Orale Blutung, Hämorrhagie, orale
Japanese 口腔内出血, 口腔内軟部組織出血, コウクウナイナンブソシキシュッケツ, コウコウナイシュッケツ, コウクウナイシュッケツ, 口腔出血, 出血-口腔
Swedish Blödning i munnen
Czech ústa - hemoragie, Orální krvácení, Ústní krvácející, Krvácející ústa, Krvácení z úst, Krvácení úst, Krvácení do měkké tkáně úst, Krvácení z ústní dutiny
Finnish Suun verenvuoto
Polish Krwawienie z jamy ustnej
Hungarian Szájvérzés, Száj vérzés, Száj vérzése, Száj lágyszövet vérzések, Oralis haemorrhagia, Száj-vérzés, Száj haemorrhagia, Oralis vérzés, Oralis hemorrhagia, Vérzés, száj
Norwegian Oral blødning, Blødning i munnen, Hemoragi, oral, Blødning, oral, Oral hemoragi
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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