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Epidemic Pleurodynia

Aka: Epidemic Pleurodynia, Devil's Grip, Bornholm Disease, Dabney's Grip
  1. See Also
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    3. Angina
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    5. Unstable Angina
    6. Chest Wall Pain
    7. Cardiac Risk Factors
    8. TIMI Risk Score
    9. Bosner Chest Pain Decision Rule
    10. Acute Coronary Syndrome
    11. Serum Cardiac Markers
    12. Electrocardiogram in Myocardial Infarction
    13. Echocardiogram in Myocardial Infarction
  2. Epidemiology
    1. Acute Viral Infection of skeletal Muscle
      1. Coxsackie Virus B or Echovirus most common
    2. Sporadic person to person transmission
    3. May occur in epidemics
  3. Symptoms
    1. Viral Prodrome
    2. Sudden onset sharp stabbing, catching Chest Pain
    3. Paroxysmal episodes
      1. Lasts 2-10 hours
      2. May recur over a 3 week period
    4. Initial diaphoresis and severe Chest Pain
      1. Difficult to distinguish from Myocardial Infarction
  4. Signs
    1. Fever (over 38 degrees Celsius)
    2. Cutaneous Hyperesthesia over involved Muscles
    3. Pleural rub (rare)
  5. Diagnosis
    1. Electrocardiogram normal
    2. Chest XRay normal
    3. Viral Cultures positive (throat or stool)

Pleurodynia, Epidemic (C0032238)

Definition (MSHFRE) Maladie virale aiguë, fébrile, survenant généralement de façon épidémique. Elle est habituellement due aux virus coxsackies B, parfois aux virus coxsackies A, aux échovirus ou à d'autres entérovirus.
Definition (MSH) An acute, febrile, infectious disease generally occurring in epidemics. It is usually caused by coxsackieviruses B and sometimes by coxsackieviruses A; echoviruses; or other enteroviruses.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D011000
ICD9 074.1
ICD10 B33.0
SnomedCT 154356006, 83264000
English Bornholm Disease, Epidemic Myalgia, Epidemic Myalgias, Epidemic Pleurodynias, Myalgia, Epidemic, Myalgias, Epidemic, Pleurodynia, Epidemic, Pleurodynias, Epidemic, Epidemic Pleurodynia, BORNHOLM DIS, Pleurodynia, Epidemic [Disease/Finding], bornholms disease, epidemic myalgia, epidemic pleurodynia, Disease;Bornholms, devil grip, Myositis;epidemic, devils grip, bornholm disease, Epidemic pleurisy (disorder), Epidemic pleurodynia, Bornholm disease, Devil's grip, Epidemic myalgia, Epidemic myositis, Epidemic benign dry pleurisy, Epidemic pleurisy, Epidemic pleurodynia (disorder), Dabney's grip, devil's grip, devil's; grip, disease (or disorder); Bornholm, epidemic; myalgia, epidemic; myositis, epidemic; pleurodynia, grip; Dabney, grip; devil's, Bornholm; disease, Bornholm, myalgia; epidemic, myositis; epidemic, pleurodynia; epidemic, Dabney; grip, Epidemic, myalgia, Epidemic, myositis, epidemic myositis, Bornholms disease
Swedish Bornholmssjuka
Japanese リュウコウセイキョウマクツウ, ボルンホルムビョウ, 胸膜痛-流行性, Bornholm病, ボルンホルム病, ボーンホルム病, 流行性筋痛, 流行性筋痛症, 流行性筋肉痛, 流行性胸膜痛, 筋痛症-流行性, 筋痛-流行性, 筋肉痛-流行性
Finnish Epideeminen pleurodynia
German Pleurodynia epidemica, epidemische Pleurodynie, Bornholm-Krankheit, Myalgia epidemica, Pleurodynie, epidemische
Czech Epidemická pleurodynie, epidemická myalgie, pleurodynie, pleurodynie epidemická, Bornholmská nemoc
Italian Mialgia epidemica, Malattia di Bornholm, Pleurodinia epidemica
Korean 유행성 근육통
Polish Choroba bornholmska
Hungarian Bornholm-betegség, pleurodynia epidemica
Norwegian Epidemisk pleurodyni, Pleurodyni, epidemisk, Bamble-syke, Bornholm-syke, Epidemisk myalgi, Myalgi, epidemisk
Dutch Bornholm; aandoening, Dabney; grip, aandoening; Bornholm, devil; grip, epidemisch; myalgie, epidemisch; myositis, epidemisch; pleurodynie, grip; Dabney, grip; devil, myalgie; epidemisch, myositis; epidemisch, pleurodynie; epidemisch, epidemische pleurodynie, Bornholmse ziekte, Epidemische myalgie, Myalgia epidemica
Spanish enfermedad de Bornholm, gripe del diablo, mialgia epidémica, miositis epidémica, pleurodinia epidémica (trastorno), pleurodinia epidémica, Pleurodinia epidémica, Enfermedad de Bornholm, Mialgia Epidémica, Pleurodinia Epidémica
Portuguese Pleurodinia epidémica, Doença de Bornholm, Mialgia Epidêmica, Pleurodinia Epidêmica
French Myalgie épidémique, Maladie de Bornholm, Pleurodynie épidémique
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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