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U Wave

Aka: U Wave, EKG U Wave
  1. See Also
    1. Electrocardiogram
    2. Cardiac Electrophysiology Anatomy
  2. Definitions
    1. U Wave
      1. EKG variably present wave occurring between the T and P Waves
      2. May represent delayed repolarization of the bundle branches or Purkinje Fibers
  3. Findings: Normal
    1. U Wave best seen in lead V3
      1. In Hypokalemia, may also appear as a biphasic T Wave in V1-3
      2. Mattu (2017) Crit Dec Emerg Med 31(3): 11
    2. U Wave with same polarity as T Wave
  4. Causes: Prominent U Wave
    1. Hypokalemia
  5. Causes: Inverted U Wave
    1. Myocardial Ischemia
    2. Myocardial strain pattern
  6. Causes: Increased U Wave amplitude
    1. Digoxin (Digitalis)
    2. Quinidine
    3. Hypercalcemia
    4. Epinephrine
    5. Thyrotoxicosis

Electrocardiogram U wave present (C0232333)

Definition (NCI) An electrocardiographic finding of a small hump following the T wave occurring during the final phase of Purkinje repolarization.
Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 164939007, 123334000, 365421002, 142108002, 142103006, 39438000
English ECG: U wave NOS, ECG: U wave NOS (observable entity), electrocardiogram U. wave, Finding of ECG U wave, Electrocardiogram U wave present, electrocardiogram: U wave, electrocardiogram: U wave (procedure), u wave, u waves, Electrocardiogram U wave appearance, U-wave appearance, U wave appearance, Electrocardiogram: U wave NOS (observable entity), Electrocardiogram: U wave NOS, ECG: U wave NOS (finding), U wave (observable entity), Finding of electrocardiogram U wave, Finding of ECG U wave (finding), Finding of electrocardiogram U wave (finding), U Waves by ECG Finding, U Waves, U Waves by EKG Finding, U wave, U wave - finding, U wave feature (observable entity), U wave feature, U wave -RETIRED-
Czech Zobrazení U vlny, U vlna na elektrokardiogramu, Elektrokardiogram se zobrazením U vlny
Dutch elektrocardiogram U-golf aanwezig, U-golf aanwezig
French Onde U à l'électrocardiogramme, Présence d'onde U à l'électrocardiogramme, Apparition d'une onde U, Aspect de l'onde U
German Auftreten einer U-Welle, Elektrokardiogramm Auftreten einer U-Welle, Elektrokardiogramm U-Welle vorhanden
Hungarian Elektrokardiogram U hullám megjelenése, U hullám megjelenése, Electrocardiogram U hullám jelenléte
Italian Onda U presente nell'elettrocardiogramma, Evidenza di onda U all'elettrocardiogramma, Comparsa di onda U
Japanese シンデンズUハヨウセイ, U波出現, Uハシュツゲン, 心電図U波陽性, 心電図U波出現, シンデンズUハシュツゲン
Portuguese Aspecto da onda U (ECG), Aspecto da onda U, Onda U electrocardiográfica presente
Spanish Onda U electrocardigráfica presente, Aparición de la onda U, Morfología de la onda U, Aparición de la onda U del electrocardiograma, electrocardiograma: onda U, SAI, onda U - RETIRADO -, electrocardiograma: onda U, SAI (entidad observable), ECG: U wave NOS, ECG: onda U, SAI, onda U - RETIRADO - (concepto no activo), electrocardiograma: onda U, SAI (hallazgo), onda U (entidad observable), onda U del ECG - hallazgo, onda U electrocardiográfica - hallazgo (hallazgo), onda U electrocardiográfica - hallazgo, onda U
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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