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Pulmonary Flow Murmur

Aka: Pulmonary Flow Murmur
  1. See Also
    1. Pediatric Murmur
  2. Epidemiology
    1. Ages affected: School age to adolescence (5 to 14 years old)
  3. Physiology
    1. Exaggerated normal vibratory ejection sound from the pulmonary vasculature
  4. Signs
    1. Intensity: Grade I-II of VI murmur
    2. Soft, early to mid-Systolic Murmur at left upper sternal border (between 2nd and 3rd ribs)
    3. Crescendo-Decrescendo murmur
    4. Increased murmur in high output states
    5. Loudest when supine and decreased when upright or during breath holding
  5. Differential Diagnosis
    1. Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)
    2. Pulmonic stenosis
  6. Course
    1. Innocent Murmur
  7. Resources
    1. Pulmonary Flow Murmur (USMLE Clinic, YouTube)

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