Cardiovascular Medicine Book




Heart Auscultation

Aka: Heart Auscultation, Precordial Auscultation
  1. Exam: Heart Sounds
    1. S1 Heart Sound
    2. S2 Heart Sound
    3. S3 Heart Sound
    4. S4 Heart Sound
  2. Exam: Clicks and Snaps
    1. Systolic Click
      1. Mitral Valve Prolapse
    2. Opening Snap
      1. Stenotic Mitral Valve
  3. Exam: Heart Murmurs
    1. See Heart Murmur
    2. See Pediatric Murmur
    3. Systolic Murmur
    4. Diastolic Murmur
  4. Resources
    1. Auscultation Assistant
    2. Blaufuss Medical Multimedia Lab
    3. Johns Hopkins University Cardiac Ausculatory Recording Database
    4. University of Michigan Heart Sound and Murmur Library

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