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Aka: Extrasystole
  1. Types
    1. Premature Atrial Contraction (PAC)
    2. Premature Junctional Contraction (PJC)
    3. Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC)
  2. Definition
    1. Ectopic impulse overlies normal sinus rhythm

Premature Cardiac Complex (C0340464)

Definition (MSHCZE) Skupina srdečních arytmií, v nichž nejsou srdeční stahy iniciovány prostřednictvím NODUS SINOATRIALIS. Patří sem atriální a ventrikulární arytmie známé také jako extra a ektopické bušení srdce. Frekvence arytmií stoupá při nemocech srdce.
Definition (MSH) A group of cardiac arrhythmias in which the cardiac contractions are not initiated at the SINOATRIAL NODE. They include both atrial and ventricular premature beats, and are also known as extra or ectopic heartbeats. Their frequency is increased in heart diseases.
Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
MSH D005117
ICD9 427.60, 427.6
ICD10 I49.49, I49.40
SnomedCT 195097007, 195091008, 266246005, 195092001, 155365005, 155368007, 29717002, 33413000
English Beat, Premature, Extrasystole, Premature Beat, ECTOPIC BEATS, Beats, Premature, Premature Beats, Cardiac Complex, Premature, Cardiac Complexes, Premature, Complexes, Premature Cardiac, Premature Cardiac Complexes, Ectopic beats NOS, Ectopic beats unspecified, Premature beats, unspecified, EXTRASYSTOLES, Ectopic Heartbeats, Ectopic Heartbeat, Heartbeat, Ectopic, Heartbeats, Ectopic, extrasystole (diagnosis), extrasystole, Ectopic heartbeats, Heartbeats ectopic, Extrasystoles (NOS), Extrasystoles NOS, Heartbeats premature, Extrasystolic arrhythmias, Premature beats NOS, Cardiac Complexes, Premature [Disease/Finding], arrhythmia extrasystolic, ectopic heartbeats, heartbeat premature, Heartbeat (pulse);ectopic, Heartbeat (pulse);premature, premature heartbeats, beats ectopic, complexes premature cardiac, ectopic beat, premature beat, ectopic beats, ectopics, premature beats, Premature Cardiac Complices, Extrasystoles, Ectopic beats (finding), Ectopic beats unspecified (disorder), Extrasystoles (& [unspecified]), Ectopic beats NOS (disorder), Extrasystoles (& [unspecified]) (disorder), ectopic beats (diagnosis), Premature beats, Ectopic beats, Extrasystolic arrhythmia, Ectopic beats (disorder), Premature beats (disorder), Ectopics, extrasystoles, beat; ectopic, beat; premature, beats; ectopia, beats; premature, cardiac arrhythmia; extrasystolic, contraction; premature, heart, ectopia; beats, ectopic; heart beat, extrasystolic; arrhythmia, heart; contraction premature, heart; premature contraction, premature; beats, premature; beat, arrhythmia; extrasystolic, Premature beats, NOS, Ectopic beats NOS (finding), Ectopic beats unspecified (finding), Premature Cardiac Complex, ectopic heartbeat, premature heartbeat
Italian Extrasistoli, Battiti cardiaci ectopici, Extrasistoli NAS, Battiti prematuri non specificati, Extrasistoli (NAS), Battiti ectopici, Extrasistole, Battiti cadiaci ectopici, Battiti prematuri, Battito cardiaco prematuro, Battiti cardiaci prematuri
Dutch ectopische hartslagen, premature hartslagen, extrasystoles NAO, extrasystolen (NAO), premature hartslagen, niet-gespecificeerd, hartslagen prematuur, aritmie; extrasystolisch, contractie; prematuur, hart, ectopie; slagen, ectopisch; hartslag, extrasystolisch; aritmie, hart; contractie prematuur, hart; premature contractie, hartritmestoornis; extrasystolisch, prematuur; slagen, prematuur; slag, slag; ectopisch, slag; prematuur, slagen; ectopie, slagen; prematuur, extrasystoles, Cardiaal complex, prematuur, Extrasystolie, Premature systole, Prematuur cardiaal complex
French Battements ectopiques, Battements de coeur ectopiques, Battements prématurés, Battements prématurés non précisés, Extrasystoles SAI, Battements cardiaques ectopiques, Battements de coeur prématurés, BATTEMENTS CARD ORIGINE ECTOPIQUE, EXTRASYSTOLES, Extrasystole, Extrasystoles, Contraction cardiaque prématurée
German ektopische Schlaege, Extrasystolen NNB, Herzschlaege verfrueht, ektopische Herzschlaege, verfruehte Schlaege, verfruehte Schlaege, unspezifisch, Extrasystolen (NNB), Herzschlaege ektopisch, EKTOPISCHE HERZSCHLAEGE, EXTRASYSTOLEN, Extrasystolen, Extrasystoliekomplexe, kardiale, Extrasystolie, Kardiale Extrasystoliekomplexe, Vorzeitige Herzkontraktionen
Portuguese Extra-sístoles NE, Contracções ectópicas, Contracções cardíacas ectópicas, Contracções cardíacas prematuras, Batimentos Cardíacos Ectópicos, BATIMENTOS ECTOPICOS, EXTRASISTOLES, Extrassístole, Extra-sístoles, Batimentos Cardíacos Prematuros, Complexos Cardíacos Prematuros
Spanish Latidos ectópicos, Latidos prematuros, Extrasístoles (NEOM), Latidos cardiacos ectópicos, Latidos cardiacos prematuros, Latidos prematuros no especificados, Extrasístoles NEOM, Latidos Cardíacos Ectópicos, EXTRASISTOLES, LATIDOS ECTOPICOS, latidos ectópicos, SAI, latidos ectópicos, SAI (trastorno), Ectopic beats NOS, latidos ectópicos, no especificados, latidos ectópicos, no especificados (trastorno), latidos ectópicos (hallazgo), arritmia extrasistólica, extrasístole (trastorno), extrasístoles (trastorno), extrasístoles, extrasístole, latidos ectópicos, Extrasístoles, latidos ectópicos, SAI (hallazgo), latidos ectópicos, no especificados (hallazgo), Complejos Cardíacos Prematuros, Complejos Prematuros Cardíacos, Extrasístole, Latidos Prematuros
Japanese 異所性心拍動, 期外収縮NOS, 期外収縮、詳細不明, 期外収縮(NOS), キガイシュウシュク, キガイシュウシュクショウサイフメイ, キガイシュウシュクNOS, イショセイシンハクドウ, 期外収縮, 収縮-期外
Swedish Prematurslag
Czech myokard - předčasné kontrakce, Extrasystoly NOS, Předčasné srdeční stahy, Ektopické stahy, Předčasné stahy, blíže neurčené, Extrasystoly (NOS), Extrasystoly, Ektopické srdeční stahy, Předčasné stahy, srdce - předčasné kontrakce, extrasystoly
Finnish Lisälyönnit
Polish Ekstrasystolia, Skurcze przedwczesne, Skurcze dodatkowe, Pobudzenia serca przedwczesne
Hungarian Ectopiás szívütések, Extrasystolék k.m.n., Extrasystolék, Szívütések, korai, Szívütések, ectopiás, Korai ütések, Korai ütések, nem meghatározott, Extrasystolék (k.m.n.), Ectopiás ütések
Norwegian Ektopiske hjerteslag, Ekstrasystole, Premature slag
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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