II. Indications

  1. Prevention of Vibrio Cholera O1 in adults travelling to Cholera-affected areas
    1. Travelers visiting friends and relatives
    2. Health care personnel
    3. Cholera outbreak response workers
    4. Extended travel to Cholera affected areas

III. Preparations

  1. Lypholized CVD 103-HgR (Vaxchora, PaxVax)
    1. Single dose, live attenuated, oral Cholera Vaccine
    2. Only FDA approved Cholera Vaccine in U.S. (approved in 2016)
    3. Efficacy beyond 3 months is not known as of late 2017
    4. Avoid use of antibiotics in the 14 days preceding Cholera Vaccine
    5. Delay starting Chloroquine for at least 10 days after oral Cholera Vaccine
    6. Delay taking oral Typhoid Vaccine by at least 8 hours after oral Cholera Vaccine
    7. Likely safe in HIV Infection (but lower seroconversion rate)
    8. Like safe in pregnancy as no systemic absorption (however Vaccine is shed for 7 days)
  2. Killed Cholera Vaccine
    1. Older intradermal Vaccine, 0.2 ml IM given at time 0, 1-4 weeks and then every 6 months as needed
    2. Protection of 30-50% lasts only 6 months
    3. Safe in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
      1. Immunization in HIV
    4. Do not use in pregnancy
      1. See Vaccination in Pregnancy

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Ontology: Cholera Vaccine (C0008359)

Definition (HL7V3.0) <p>cholera vaccine</p>
Definition (MSH) Vaccines or candidate vaccines used to prevent infection with VIBRIO CHOLERAE. The original cholera vaccine consisted of killed bacteria, but other kinds of vaccines now exist.
Definition (CSP) vaccines or candidate vaccines used to prevent infection with Vibrio cholerae.
Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121) , Immunologic Factor (T129)
MSH D022121
SnomedCT 35736007, 396422009
CPT 90725
HL7 26
English Cholera Vaccine, cholera vaccine, Cho/Vac, cholera vaccine (medication), Cholera Vaccines [Chemical/Ingredient], cholera vaccines, vaccine cholera, Cholera Vaccines, Vaccines, Cholera, Cholera vaccine, Cholera vaccine (product), Cholera vaccine (substance), Cholera vaccines, cholera, Cholera
Swedish Koleravacciner
Czech cholerové vakcíny
Finnish Kolerarokotteet
Polish Szczepionki przeciw cholerze
Portuguese Vacinas Anticólera, Vacinas de Cólera, Vacinas contra Cólera
Spanish vacuna anticólera, vacuna contra el cólera (producto), vacuna contra el cólera (sustancia), vacuna contra el cólera, Vacunas contra el Cólera
French Vaccins anticholériques
German Cholera-Vakzinen, Vakzinen, Cholera-
Italian Vaccini colerici