II. Characteristics

IV. Genus: Moraxella

  1. Moraxella catarrhalis (Branhamella catarrhalis)

V. Genus: Acinetobacter

  1. Acinetobacter calcoaceticus

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Ontology: Acinetobacter (C0001138)

Definition (NCI_CDISC) Any bacteria that is not assigned to the species level but can be assigned to the Acinetobacter genus level.
Definition (NCI) A genus of bacteria within the phylum Proteobacteria consisting of strictly aerobic nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli.
Definition (MSH) A genus of gram-negative bacteria of the family MORAXELLACEAE, found in soil and water and of uncertain pathogenicity.
Concepts Bacterium (T007)
MSH D000150
SnomedCT 7757008
English Acinetobacter (organism), Genus Acinetobacter (organism), Genus Acinetobacter, Acinetobacter, acinetobacter, Acinetobacter Brisou and Prevot 1954, ACINETOBACTER, Acinetobacter, NOS
Swedish Acinetobacter
Spanish Acinetobacter (organismo), género Acinetobacter, género Acinetobacter (organismo), Acinetobacter
Czech Acinetobacter
Finnish Akinetobakteeri
Polish Acinetobacter
Norwegian Acinetobacter
French Acinetobacter
German Acinetobacter
Italian Acinetobacter
Dutch Acinetobacter
Portuguese Acinetobacter

Ontology: Moraxella <genus> (C0026536)

Definition (NCI_CDISC) Any bacteria that is not assigned to the species level but can be assigned to the Moraxella genus level.
Definition (NCI) A genus of Gram-negative bacteria in the Moraxellaceae family ocurring as short rods, coccobacilli or diplococci.
Definition (MSH) A genus of gram-negative, aerobic bacteria occurring as rods (subgenus Moraxella) or cocci (subgenus Branhamella). Its organisms are parasitic on the mucous membranes of humans and other warm-blooded animals.
Definition (CSP) gram negative aerobic cocci of low virulence that colonize the nasopharynx and occasionally cause meningitis, bacteremia, empyema, pericarditis, and pneumonia.
Concepts Bacterium (T007)
MSH D009016
SnomedCT 36361003
English Moraxella, Genus Moraxella, Genus Moraxella (organism), Moraxella (organism), Moraxella Lwoff 1939, Branhamella Species, moraxella, diplobacillus, Diplobacillus, Moraxella <genus>, MORAXELLA, BRANHAMELLA SPECIES, Moraxella, NOS
Swedish Moraxella
Czech Moraxella
Spanish género Moraxella (organismo), Moraxella (organismo), género Moraxella, Moraxella
Finnish Moraxella
Croatian Not Translated[Moraxella]
Polish Moraxella
Norwegian Moraxella
French Moraxella
German Moraxella
Italian Moraxella
Dutch Moraxella
Portuguese Moraxella

Ontology: Neisseria (C0027571)

Definition (CHV) a kind of bacteria that can cause meningitis and gonorrhea
Definition (NCI_CDISC) Any bacteria that is not assigned to the species level but can be assigned to the Neisseria genus level.
Definition (NCI) A genus of Gram-negative, aerobic, strongly oxidase-positive diplococci bacteria in the phylum Proteobacteria.
Definition (MSH) A genus of gram-negative, aerobic, coccoid bacteria whose organisms are part of the normal flora of the oropharynx, nasopharynx, and genitourinary tract. Some species are primary pathogens for humans.
Concepts Bacterium (T007)
MSH D009343
SnomedCT 59083001
English Gonococcus, Neisseria, Neisseria (organism), Genus Neisseria (organism), Genus Neisseria, neisseria, NEISSERIA, Neisseria Trevisan 1885, Neisseria, NOS
Swedish Neisseria
Spanish Neisseria (organismo), género Neisseria, género Neisseria (organismo), Neisseria
Czech Neisseria
Finnish Neisseriat
Croatian Not Translated[Neisseria]
Polish Neisseria
Norwegian Neisseria
French Neisseria
German Neisseria
Italian Neisseria
Dutch Neisseria
Portuguese Neisseria

Ontology: Neisseriaceae (C0027576)

Definition (NCI) A taxonomic family of Gram negative, strictly aerobic bacterium in the phylum Proteobacteria that includes the genera Neisseria, Chromobacterium, Eikenella and Kingella, among others.
Definition (CSP) family of gram negative, parasitic bacteria including several important pathogens of man.
Definition (MSH) A family of gram-negative, parasitic bacteria including several important pathogens of man.
Concepts Bacterium (T007)
MSH D009346
SnomedCT 115072003
Swedish Neisseriaceae
English Family Neisseriaceae, Family neisseriaceae, Neisseriaciae, Neisseriaceae Prevot 1933 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Dewhirst et al. 1989, Vitreoscillaceae Pringsheim 1949 (Approved Lists 1980), Neisseriaceae Prevot 1933 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Rossau et al. 1989, Simonsiellaceae Steed 1962, Neisseriaceae, Family Neisseriaceae (organism), Family neisseriaceae (organism)
Czech Neisseriaceae
Spanish familia Neisseriaceae, Neisseriaceae, familia Neisseriaceae (organismo)
Finnish Neisseriaceae
Croatian Not Translated[Neisseriaceae]
Polish Neisseriaceae
Norwegian Neisseriaceae
French Neisseriaceae
German Neisseriaceae
Italian Neisseriaceae
Dutch Neisseriaceae, Neisseriaceeën
Portuguese Neisseriaceae

Ontology: Branhamella (C0544107)

Concepts Bacterium (T007)
SnomedCT 302581003
English Branhamella (organism), Subgenus Branhamella (organism), Genus Branhamella, Subgenus Branhamella, Branhamella Catlin 1970 (Approved Lists 1980), Moraxella (subgen. Branhamella Catlin 1970) Bovre 1984, branhamella, Moraxella (subgen. Branhamella), Branhamella
Spanish subgénero Branhamella, Branhamella (organismo), subgénero Branhamella (organismo), Branhamella