II. Findings: Normal (Units in femtoliters = 10^-15 liters)

  1. General
    1. MCV cutoffs vary from age to age
    2. MCV cutoffs also vary per reference
  2. MCV Normal Range
    1. Newborn: 95 to 121 fl
    2. Ages 6 months to 2 years: 70 to 86 fl
    3. Ages 12 to 18 years
      1. Boys: 78 - 98
      2. Girls: 78 - 102
    4. Age over 18 years: 78 to 98 fl
  3. MCV Cutoffs for Microcytic Anemia
    1. Age 1-2 years: <77 fl (CDC)
    2. Age 3-5 years: <79 fl (CDC)
    3. Age 6-11 years: <80 fl (CDC)
    4. Age 12-15 years: <82 fl (CDC)
    5. Age >15 years: <85 fl (CDC)
      1. Recommended adult microcytic MCV cutoff varies
      2. Some sources advocate MCV <78 and others <82

III. Calculations

  1. MCV = 10 x (Hematocrit / Red Blood Cell Count)
  2. Mentzer Index = MCV / RBC Count
    1. Ratio <13: Thalassemia
    2. Ratio >13: Iron Deficiency Anemia, Hemoglobinopathy

IV. Causes: Increased MCV (See Macrocytic Anemia)

VI. References

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Ontology: Mean Corpuscular Volume (result) (C0524587)

Definition (CHV) a measurement of the average size of the red blood cells
Definition (CHV) a measurement of the average size of the red blood cells
Definition (CHV) a measurement of the average size of the red blood cells
Definition (CHV) a measurement of the average size of the red blood cells
Definition (MSH) MCV equals HEMATOCRIT divided by ERYTHROCYTE COUNT.
Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
MSH D004909
SnomedCT 365615009, 103207006, 142868001
English Erythrocyte Volume, Mean Cell, Corpuscular Volumes, Mean, MCV - Mean cell volume, MCV - NOS, Mean Corpuscular Volumes, Volume, Mean Corpuscular, Volumes, Mean Corpuscular, Mean Corpuscular Volume (result), MCV, Finding of mean cell volume, mean cell volume, corpuscular mean volume, mean corpuscular volume, mean corpuscular volume (MCV), mcv, Erythrocyte mean corpuscular volume, Erythrocyte mean corpuscular volume (observable entity), MCV - NOS (finding), Cell Volumes, Mean, Mean Cell Volumes, Mean Cell Volume, Volume, Mean Cell, Volumes, Mean Cell, Mean cell volume, Finding of mean cell volume (finding), Mean cell volume - finding, Mean Corpuscular Volume
Dutch MCV, Erytrocytenvolume, gemiddelde, Erytrocytenvolume, mean-cell
French VCM, Volume globulaire moyen, VGM (Volume Globulaire Moyen), VEM (Volume Érythrocytaire Moyen), Volume érythrocytaire moyen
German MCV, Mittleres Erythrozytenvolumen, Erythrozytenvolumen, mittleres
Italian VCM, Volume eritrocitario medio, Volume medio, Volume corpuscolare medio
Portuguese VGM, Volume Corpuscular Médio, Volume de Eritrócitos de Célula Média
Spanish VGM, Volumen Corpuscular Medio, determinación de volumen corpuscular medio, SAI, MCV - NOS, VCM, MCV, volumen corpuscular medio de los glóbulos rojos, volumen corpuscular medio de los eritrocitos, determinación de volumen corpuscular medio, SAI (hallazgo), volumen corpuscular eritrocítico medio, volumen corpuscular eritrocítico medio (entidad observable), volumen corpuscular medio - hallazgo (hallazgo), volumen corpuscular medio - hallazgo, Volumen de Eritrocitos de Célula Media
Japanese MCV, MCV
Czech Střední objem erytrocytu
Hungarian MCV
Norwegian MCV, Middelcellevolum