II. Pathophysiology

  1. Abnormal Plasminogen-plasmin function
    1. Decreased plasminogen activity
    2. Decreased functional plasminogen levels
    3. Defective release of plasminogen levels
    4. Plasminogen activator inhibitors?

III. Labs

  1. Very prolonged euglobin or whole blood clot Lysis Time

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Ontology: Fibrinolysis (C0016017)

Definition (GO) A process that solubilizes fibrin in the bloodstream of a multicellular organism, chiefly by the proteolytic action of plasmin. [GOC:jl, PMID:15842654]
Definition (MSH) The natural enzymatic dissolution of FIBRIN.
Definition (CSP) natural enzymatic dissolution of fibrin.
Concepts Physiologic Function (T039)
MSH D005342
SnomedCT 385538006
English Fibrinolyses, fibrinolysis, Fibrinolysis (observable entity), Fibrinolysis
Swedish Fibrinolys
Czech fibrinolýza
Finnish Fibrinolyysi
Polish Fibrynoliza
Norwegian Fibrinolyse
Spanish fibrinólisis (entidad observable), fibrinólisis, Fibrinólisis
French Fibrinolyse
German Fibrinolyse
Italian Fibrinolisi
Dutch Fibrinolyse
Portuguese Fibrinólise