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Ontology: Vulvitis (C0042996)

Definition (MSH) Inflammation of the VULVA. It is characterized by PRURITUS and painful urination.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D014847
ICD10 N76.2
SnomedCT 266655004, 266586003, 198214007, 155981006, 63144007
English Vulvitides, Vulvitis, VULVITIS, Vulvitis unspecified, vulvitis, vulvitis (physical finding), vulvitis (diagnosis), vulvitis was observed, Vulvitis NOS, Vulvitis [Disease/Finding], Vulvitis - non sp., Vulvitis unspecified (disorder), Vulvitis (disorder), Vulvitis, NOS
French VULVITE, Vulvite
Portuguese VULVITE, Vulvite
German VULVITIS, Vulvitis
Japanese 外陰部炎, ガイインブエン
Swedish Vulvainflammation
Czech vulvitida, Vulvitida, zánět vulvy
Finnish Vulviitti
Croatian Not Translated[Vulvitis]
Polish Zapalenie sromu
Hungarian vulvitis
Norwegian Betennelse i skjedeinngangen, Vulvitt, Betennelse i vulva, Vulvabetennelse
Spanish vulvitis no especificada (trastorno), vulvitis no especificada, vulvitis (trastorno), vulvitis, Vulvitis
Dutch vulvitis, Vulvitis
Italian Vulvite