II. General

  1. Most Progestins have some anti-Estrogen activity
  2. Several Progestins have weak Estrogen effect

III. Characteristics

  1. Conditions associated with High Estrogenic Activity
    1. Breast tenderness or engorgement
    2. Headaches
    3. Moodiness
    4. Weight Gain
    5. Heavy Menses
    6. Dysmenorrhea
  2. Conditions associated with Low Estrogenic Activity
    1. Break-through bleeding in first 9 days of cycle
    2. Break-through bleeding throughout month
    3. Menses too light

IV. Progestins with significant Estrogenic Activity

  1. Estrogen activity based on Ethinyl Estradiol ug/day
  2. Ethinyl estadiol (100): High reference
  3. Norethynodrel (8.3): No anti-Estrogen effect
  4. Ethynodiol Diacetate (3.4)
  5. Norethindrone (0.25): Low reference

VI. References

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