II. Epidemiology

  1. Presents in teenage girls at Menarche

III. Pathophysiology

  1. An Imperforate Hymen traps menstrual blood
  2. Pain results from blood collection or retrograde menstrual flow into the Pelvis

IV. Symptoms

  1. No Menses
  2. Vague Abdominal Pain
    1. May be chronic or recurrent

V. Signs

  1. Hematocolpos
    1. Introitus with blue, bulging membrane
    2. Represents blood trapped behind Imperforate Hymen

VI. Management

  1. Operating room hymenectomy
    1. Performed by gynecology or pediatric surgery
    2. Avoid incising Hematocolpos in the emergency department

VII. References

  1. Claudius and Willner in Herbert (2019) EM:Rap 19(1): 2-4

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Ontology: Hymen, Imperforate (C0152436)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
MSH C562397
ICD9 752.42
ICD10 Q52.3
SnomedCT 156966007, 65937002
Italian Imene imperforato
Japanese 処女膜閉鎖, ショジョマクヘイサ
English HYMEN, IMPERFORATE, imperforate hymen (diagnosis), imperforate hymen, imperforate hymen (physical finding), vaginal mucosa imperforate hymen, hymen imperforated, Hymen, Imperforate, Imperforate hymen, Imperforate hymen (disorder), fusion; hymen, hymen; fusion, hymen; imperforate, imperforate; hymen
German Hymenalatresie, Hymen imperforatus
Czech Neporušená panenská blána
Korean 무공 처녀막
Hungarian Hymen imperforatus
Dutch hymen; imperforatus, hymen; vergroeiing, imperforatus; hymen, vergroeiing; hymen, Hymen imperforatus, gesloten hymen
Spanish himen imperforado (trastorno), himen imperforado, Himen imperforado
Portuguese Hímen imperfurado
French Imperforation de l'hymen