II. Definition

  1. Painful Menses secondary to underlying pelvic organix disorder

III. Symptoms

IV. Evaluation

V. Causes: Secondary Dysmenorrhea (pelvic pathology)

VI. Management

  1. See Dysmenorrhea for evaluation and management
  2. Evaluate and treat the underlying cause
  3. Symptomatic treatment as with Primary Dysmenorrhea

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Ontology: Secondary dysmenorrhea (C0232944)

Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
ICD10 N94.5
SnomedCT 156025005, 198406004, 266667002, 32096006
Spanish dismenorrea secundaria (trastorno), Dismenorrea secundaria, dismenorrea secundaria (hallazgo), dismenorrea secundaria
Dutch secundaire dysmenorroe, congestie; dysmenorroe, dysmenorroe; congestief, dysmenorroe; secundair, secundair; dysmenorroe, Secundaire dysmenorroe
French Dysménorrhée secondaire
German sekundaere Dysmenorrhoe, Sekundaere Dysmenorrhoe
Italian Dismenorrea secondaria
Portuguese Dismenorreia secundária
Japanese 続発性月経困難症, ゾクハツセイゲッケイコンナンショウ
Czech Sekundární dysmenorea
Korean 속발성 월경통
English secondary dysmenorrhoea, secondary dysmenorrhea (diagnosis), secondary dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea secondary, Secondary dysmenorrhoea (disorder), Secondary dysmenorrhea, Congestive dysmenorrhea, Congestive dysmenorrhoea, Secondary dysmenorrhoea, Secondary dysmenorrhea (disorder), congestive; dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea; congestive, dysmenorrhea; secondary, secondary; dysmenorrhea, Secondary dysmenorrhea (finding)
Hungarian másodlagos dysmenorrhea, másodlagos dysmenorrhoea