II. Complications of Breast Implants

  1. Within 8 years of implant
    1. Complications requiring repeat surgery in 24%
    2. Higher Incidence of complication post Mastectomy
    3. Lower complication Incidence with Breast enhancement
  2. Common complications
    1. Capsular contracture
    2. Implant Rupture
    3. Breast Hematoma
    4. Wound Infection
    5. Wound seroma
  3. References
    1. Gabriel (1997) N Engl J Med 336:677-82 [PubMed]

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Ontology: breast implant procedure (C0178391)

Definition (MSHCZE) Chirurgické vložení inertního vaku se silikonem nebo jiným materiálem za účelem kosmetické úpravy ženského prsu.
Definition (NCI) Surgical implantation of a breast prosthesis.
Definition (CSP) implant, often of silicone, in the mammary tissue; may be preformed for medical or cosmetic reasons.
Definition (MSH) Surgical insertion of an inert sac filled with silicone or other material to augment the female form cosmetically.
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D019928
SnomedCT 177600007, 49337009, 302343007, 119853006
English Breast Implantation, Breast Implantations, Breast Prosthesis Implantation, Breast Prosthesis Implantations, Implantation, Breast, Implantation, Breast Prosthesis, Implantations, Breast, Implantations, Breast Prosthesis, Insertion prosthesis - breast, Prosthesis Implantation, Breast, Prosthesis Implantations, Breast, Breast Implant Procedure, breast implant procedure, Breast prosthesis implantation, breast implant, breast implantation, Insertion of prosthetic device into breast, Insertion of prosthetic device into breast (procedure), Breast prosthesis nos, Breast prosthesis, not otherwise specified, Insertion of prosthesis for breast, Insertion of breast prosthesis, Breast implantation (procedure), Insertion of prosthesis for breast (procedure), Breast implantation, Insertion of prosthetic device into breast, NOS, Insertion of breast implants, NOS, Insertion of breast implants, Insertion of prosthetic device into breast (procedure) [Ambiguous], Breast implant NOS, Implants(s);breast, breast implant(s)
Italian Impianto di protesi mammaria, Inserzione di protesi mammaria, Impianto di protesi della mammella, Impianto protesico mammario, Impianto mammario, Impianto della mammella
Dutch plaatsing van borstprothese, borstprothese-implantatie, Borstimplantatie, Borstprothese-implantatie, Implantatie, borst-
French Implantation d'une prothèse mammaire, Pose de prothèse mammaire, Implantation de prothèse mammaire, Implantation mammaire, Mise en place d'une prothèse mammaire
German Einfuehren einer Brustprothese, Implantation einer Brustprothese, Brustimplantation, Brustprothesenimplantation
Portuguese Inserção de prótese mamária, Implante de Mama, Implantação de Prótese de Mama, Implantação Mamária, Implantação de Mama, Implante de Prótese de Mama, Implantação de Prótese Mamária, Implantação protésica mamária, Implante de Prótese Mamária, Implante Mamário
Spanish Inserción de prótesis de mama, inserción de implantes de mama, colocación de prótesis mamaria (procedimiento), inserción de dispositivo protésico en la mama, colocación de prótesis mamaria, colocación de prótesis mamaria (concepto no activo), implante mamario (procedimiento), implante mamario, inserción de prótesis de mama (procedimiento), inserción de prótesis de mama, Implantación de prótesis mamaria, Implantación de Mama, Implantación de Prótesis de Mama
Japanese 人工乳房挿入, 人工乳房移植, ジンコウニュウボウソウニュウ, ジンコウニュウボウイショク, 豊胸術
Swedish Bröstimplantation
Czech prsy - implantace, prsy - implantace náhrad, Implantace prsní protézy, Implantace prsního implantátu
Finnish Rinnan implantaatio
Polish Wszczepienie protezy sutka
Hungarian Emlő-prothesis implantatio, Emlőprotézis behelyezése
Norwegian Brystimplantasjon