II. Definitions

  1. Dyschezia
    1. Painful Defecation

IV. Causes: Referred pain

  1. Coccygodynia
  2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  3. Sacral Nerve Compression
    1. Tumor mass
    2. Infection
    3. Inflammation
  4. Uterine Myoma

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Ontology: Rectal pain (C0034886)

Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by a sensation of marked discomfort in the rectal region.
Definition (NCI) Pain in the rectal area.
Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
SnomedCT 77880009
English RECTUM PAIN, RECTAL PAIN, PROCTALGIA, Rectal pain, proctalgia (diagnosis), rectal pain (symptom), rectal sore (symptom), rectal pain, rectal sore, sore rectum, painful rectum, proctalgia, Pain rectal, Rectal Pain, pains rectum, pains rectal, Pain;rectal, pain rectal, rectum pain, pain in rectum, pain rectum, Rectum painful, Proctalgia, Pain in rectum, Rectalgia, Rectal pain (finding), pain; rectum, rectalgia, rectum; pain
Italian Proctalgia, Dolore rettale
Dutch rectale pijn, pijn rectaal, pijn; rectum, rectum; pijn, proctalgie
French Douleur rectale, PROCTALGIE, RECTALGIE, Proctalgie
German Schmerz rektal, rektaler Schmerz, PROKTALGIE, REKTALE SCHMERZEN, Proktalgie
Portuguese Dor rectal, DOR RETAL OU ANAL, DOR RETAL, Proctalgia
Spanish Dolor rectal, PROCTALGIA, RECTO, DOLOR, dolor en recto, dolor rectal (hallazgo), dolor rectal, proctalgia, rectalgia, Proctalgia
Japanese 直腸痛, 肛門周囲痛, コウモンシュウイツウ, チョクチョウツウ
Czech Proktalgie, Bolest konečníku
Hungarian Rectalis fájdalom, Végbél fájdalom, Proctalgia

Ontology: Dyschezia (C0237326)

Definition (MSH) Difficult defecation.
Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
MSH D003248
SnomedCT 207148003, 247416005, 139376006, 162099008, 139314004, 225595004
Italian Defecazione dolorosa, Dischezia
English Pain associated with defaecatn, [D] Defecation painful (context-dependent category), Dyschezia, [D] Defaecation painful, [D] Defecation painful, painful defecation, defecation pain, Pain;defaecation, dyschesia, dyschezia, pain defecation, Dyschesia, Defaecation painful (finding), Defecation painful (finding), [D] Defecation painful (situation), Bowel action painful, Defaecation painful, Defecation painful, Pain associated with defaecation, Pain associated with defecation, Painful defaecation, Painful defecation, Pain associated with defecation (finding), Pain;defecation, pain on defaecation, pain on defecation
German schmerzhafte Darmentlerrung, Dyschezie, schmerzhafte Defaekation
Portuguese Disquezia, Defecação dolorosa, Disquésia
Spanish Disquecia, defecación dolorosa (categoría dependiente del contexto), defecación dolorosa (hallazgo), disquecia, defecación dolorosa, defecación dolorosa (situación), dolor asociado con la defecación (hallazgo), dolor asociado con la defecación, Disquesia, Defecación dolorosa
Japanese 排便障害, 排便痛, ハイベンショウガイ, ハイベンツウ
French Dyschésie, Dyschezie, Défécation douloureuse, Dyschézie
Czech Dyschezie, Bolestivá defekace
Hungarian Fájdalmas székelés, Dyschesia, Fájdalmas defaecatio
Norwegian Rectumobstipasjon, Rektumobstipasjon, Smertefull avføring
Dutch dyschezie, pijnlijke defecatie

Ontology: Anal pain (C0238637)

Definition (NCI) Painful sensation in the anal region.
Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by a sensation of marked discomfort in the anal region.
Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
SnomedCT 68653001
English ANAL PAIN, Anal pain, anal pain, anal pain (symptom), Pain anal, Anus pain, Anal Pain, anus pains, Pain;anal, anus pain, pain anal, pain anus, pain; anus, anus; pain, Anal pain (disorder), Anal pain (finding)
Dutch anale pijn, anuspijn, pijn anaal, anus; pijn, pijn; anus
French Douleur anale, Douleur à l'anus, DOULEUR ANALE
German analer Schmerz, Schmerz anal, Anusschmerz, ANALSCHMERZEN
Italian Dolore anale
Portuguese Dor anal, DOR ANAL
Spanish Dolor anal, Dolor en el ano, dolor anal (trastorno), dolor anal, dolor anal (hallazgo)
Japanese 肛門痛, コウモンツウ
Czech Anální bolest, Řitní bolest
Hungarian Végbélfájdalom, Analis fájdalom, Anus fájdalom

Ontology: Anorectal pain (C0581362)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
SnomedCT 197232005
Dutch anorectale pijn
French Douleur anorectale
German Anorektalschmerz
Italian Dolore anorettale
Portuguese Dor anorrectal
Spanish Dolor anorectal, dolor anorrectal (hallazgo), dolor anorrectal
Japanese 肛門直腸痛, コウモンチョクチョウツウ
Czech Anorektální bolest
Hungarian Anorectalis fájdalom
English Anorectal pain, Anorectal pain (finding)