II. Pathophysiology

  1. Results from tissue catabolism of Hemoglobin

III. Signs

  1. Discoloration at the flank with blue-red-purple or green-brown Ecchymosis

IV. Causes: Similar to Cullen's Sign Causes

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Ontology: Grey Turner's sign (C0232799)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 62988009
English Abdom wall discolor, L flank, Abdom wall discolour, L flank, Gray Turner's sign, flank ecchymosis, Grey Turner's sign (physical finding), abdomen Grey Turner's sign (flank ecchymosis), ecchymosis of flank (physical finding), ecchymosis of flank, Grey Turner sign, gray turner's sign, grey sign turner, grey sign turners, grey turner's sign, grey turner sign, turner's sign, Abdominal wall discoloration - left flank, Abdominal wall discolouration - left flank, Blood staining of lateral abdominal wall, Grey Turner's sign, Grey Turner's sign (finding), Gray Turner's sign (finding), Turner's sign
Spanish alteración de la coloración de la pared abdominal - flanco izquierdo, signo de Turner (hallazgo), equimosis de flanco, coloración con sangre de la pared abdominal lateral, signo de Grey Turner, signo de Turner, signo de Grey Turner (hallazgo)