II. Signs

  1. Blue discoloration from subcutaneous Ecchymosis and edema in periumbilical subcutaneous fat

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Ontology: Cullen's sign (C0233200)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
SnomedCT 35187000
English Abdom discolor-round umbilic, Abdom discolour-round umbilic, Cullen's sign (physical finding), periumbilical bluish discoloration, abdomen Cullen's sign (periumbilical bluish discoloration), Cullen sign, cullen's sign, cullen sign, cullen's signs, Cullen's sign, Abdominal discoloration - around umbilicus, Abdominal discolouration - around umbilicus, Blood staining of periumbilical area, Cullen's sign (finding)
Italian Segno di Cullen
Spanish alteración de la coloración abdominal - periumbilical, hematoma de la superficie periumbilical, signo de Cullen (hallazgo), signo de Cullen, Signo de Cullen
Japanese カレン徴候, カレンチョウコウ
Czech Cullenovo znamení
Hungarian Cullen-tünet
Portuguese Sinal de Cullen
Dutch symptoom van Cullen
French Signe de Cullen
German Cullen-Phaenomen