II. Findings: Suggestive of peripheral causes

  1. Pathognomonic for peripheral cause
    1. Sudden onset with brief episodes often on awakening
    2. Rotary Illusion with Nausea, Vomiting
  2. Nystagmus
    1. Combined horizontal and torsional Nystagmus
    2. Persists 5-20 seconds after Dix-Hallpike Maneuver
    3. Fixation of eyes on object inhibits Nystagmus
  3. Moderate imbalance
  4. Nausea or Vomiting
  5. Associated findings
    1. Hearing Loss
    2. Tinnitus
  6. Tullio's Phenomenon
    1. Nystagmus and Vertigo provoked by loud sounds

IV. Causes: Other (Peripheral Vertigo)

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Ontology: Other peripheral vertigo (C0029706)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 386.19, 386.1
ICD10 H81.3 , H81.399, H81.39
SnomedCT 194359006, 194353007, 194692006
English Other peripheral vertigo, Other and unspecified peripheral vertigo, Other peripheral vertigo NOS, [X]Other peripheral vertigo, Peripheral vertigo NEC, Other peripheral vertigo, unspecified ear, Other peripheral vertigo NOS (disorder), Other and unspecified peripheral vertigo (disorder), [X]Other peripheral vertigo (disorder)
Dutch andere niet-gespecificeerde perifere draaiduizeligheid, andere perifere draaiduizeligheid, Overige vormen van perifere vertigo
French Autre vertige périphérique, Autres vertiges périphériques non précisés
German sonstige und unspezifische periphere Vertigo, sonstige periphere Vertigo, Sonstiger peripherer Schwindel
Italian Altre e non specificate vertigini periferiche, Altre vertigini periferiche
Portuguese Outra e NE vertigem periférica, Outra vertigem periférica
Spanish Otros vértigos periféricos y los no especificados, Otros vértigos periféricos, otro vértigo periférico, SAI, [X]otro vértigo periférico (trastorno), [X]otro vértigo de origen periférico, otro vértigo periférico, SAI (trastorno), [X]otro vértigo periférico, otros vértigos periféricos y los no especificados, otros vértigos periféricos y los no especificados (trastorno)
Czech Jiné a blíže neurčené periferní vertigo, Jiné periferní vertigo
Korean 기타 말초성 현기증
Hungarian egyéb peripheriás vertigo, Egyéb és meghatározatlan peripheriás vertigo