II. Epidemiology

  1. Develop with age
  2. Incidence: 10% of patients over age 40 years

III. Signs

  1. Small purplish or blue round swellings under Tongue

IV. Evaluation

  1. No significance
  2. Reassure patient

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Ontology: Sublingual varices (C0155794)

Concepts Acquired Abnormality (T020)
ICD9 456.3
ICD10 I86.0
SnomedCT 20656007
Italian Vene varicose sublinguali, Varici sottolinguali
Dutch sublinguale varices, sublinguaal; varix, varices; sublinguaal, Sublinguale varices, varices sublinguaal
German sublinguale Varizen, Sublinguale Varizen, Varizen sublingual
Portuguese Varizes sublinguais, Veias varicosas sublinguais
Spanish Varices sublinguales, várices sublinguales (trastorno), várices sublinguales, Venas varicosas sublinguales
Japanese 舌下静脈瘤, ゼッカジョウミャクリュウ
English sublingual varices, sublingual varices (diagnosis), Varicose veins sublingual, Sublingual varices, Sublingual varices (disorder), sublingual; varix, varices; sublingual
Czech Sublinguální varixy, Varikózní sublinguální žíly
Korean 설하 정맥류
Hungarian Sublingualis varicosus venák, Sublingualis varixok
French Varices sublinguales