II. Signs

  1. Large Tongue out of proportion to jaw size

IV. Causes: Transient Enlargement

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Ontology: Macroglossia (C0024421)

Definition (NCI) A finding indicating enlargement of the tongue.
Definition (MSH) The presence of an excessively large tongue, which may be congenital or may develop as a result of a tumor or edema due to obstruction of lymphatic vessels, or it may occur in association with hyperpituitarism or acromegaly. It also may be associated with malocclusion because of pressure of the tongue on the teeth. (From Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992)
Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190)
MSH D008260
ICD10 K14.8
SnomedCT 52106009, 302216004, 204628000, 25273001
English Macroglossia, Macroglossias, Tongue Enlarged, Tongue hypertrophy, MACROGLOSSIA, tongue hypertrophy, hypertrophy of tongue, hypertrophy of tongue (diagnosis), macroglossia (physical finding), macroglossia, Hypertrophy of tongue, Macroglossia [Disease/Finding], large tongues, large tongue, enlarged tongue, tongue enlargement, Enlarged tongue (finding), Enlarged tongue (disorder), Tongue enlarged, Large tongue, Enlarged tongue, Enlargement of tongue, Enlargement of tongue (disorder), enlargement; tongue, hypertrophy; tongue, tongue; enlargement, tongue; hypertrophy
Swedish Makroglossi
Spanish hipertrofia de la lengua (trastorno), hipertrofia de la lengua, macroglosia (trastorno), lengua grande, agrandamiento de la lengua, macroglosia, agrandamiento de la lengua (trastorno), Macroglosia
Czech makroglosie
Finnish Makroglossia
Polish Makroglosja, Język olbrzymi, Przerost języka
Norwegian Makroglossi, Forstørret tunge
Dutch hypertrofie; tong, tong; hypertrofie, tong; vergroting, vergroting; tong, Macroglossie
French Macroglossie
German Makroglossie
Italian Macroglossia
Portuguese Macroglossia