II. Causes: Common

  1. Aphthous Ulcer
  2. Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis
    1. External Vesicles are only seen with HSV (not with Herpangina or Hand Foot and Mouth Disease)
    2. When herpes involves the Oral Mucosa, it typically results in lesions on the Hard Palate
  3. Herpangina
    1. Vesicles in posterior pharynx, sparing anterior pharynx
  4. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
    1. Vesicles in anterior pharynx, sparing posterior pharynx
  5. Mouth Chemical Burn Causes
    1. Angiotensin Receptor Blocker
    2. NSAIDs
    3. Aspirin

IV. Causes: Infectious

V. Differential Diagnosis

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Ontology: Oral Ulcer (C0149745)

Definition (NCI) A break in the mucosal surface of the oral cavity.
Definition (MSH) A loss of mucous substance of the mouth showing local excavation of the surface, resulting from the sloughing of inflammatory necrotic tissue. It is the result of a variety of causes, e.g., denture irritation, aphthous stomatitis (STOMATITIS, APHTHOUS); NOMA; necrotizing gingivitis (GINGIVITIS, NECROTIZING ULCERATIVE); TOOTHBRUSHING; and various irritants. (From Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p842)
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D019226
SnomedCT 196529004, 26284000
English MOUTH ULCERATION, ORAL ULCERATION, Mouth Ulcer, Mouth Ulcers, Oral Ulcers, Ulcer, Mouth, Ulcer, Oral, Ulcers, Mouth, Ulcers, Oral, Oral ulcers, mouth sores, mouth sores (symptom), Ulcer mouth, Ulceration mouth, Ulceration of mouth, Oral sore, Oral ulceration, Oral Ulcer [Disease/Finding], mouth ulcerations, oral sore, oral ulcer, oral ulcerations, Ulcer;mouth, mouth ulcers, oral ulceration, mouth ulcer, mouth ulceration, oral sores, oral ulcers, Sores mouth, Mouth ulcers, Mouth--Ulcers, Mouth ulcer, Ulceration of oral mucosa, Mouth ulceration, Oral ulcer, Ulcer of mouth, Ulcer of mouth (disorder), mouth; sore, mouth; ulcer, oral mucosa; ulcer, sore; mouth, ulcer; oral mucosa, Mouth Sore, Oral Ulcer, Ulcer of oral mucosa
Italian Ulcerazione della bocca, Ulcere della bocca, Ulcerazione orale, Ulcera della bocca, Ulcera orale
Dutch mondulcus, ulceratie mond, ulceratie van de mond, orale ulceratie, wondje in de mond, ulcus mond, wondjes in de mond, mond; ulcus, mond; zweer, mondslijmvlies; ulcus, ulcus; mondslijmvlies, zweer; mond, mondulceratie, Mondslijmvliesulcus, Mondzweer, Ulcus, mondslijmvlies-
French Plaies dans la bouche, Ulcère à la bouche, Endolorissement buccal, Ulcération de la bouche, Ulcération orale, ULCERATION BUCCALE, Ulcération buccale, Ulcère buccal, Ulcère de la bouche, Ulcèrs buccaux
German Mundulkus, orale Ulzeration, Ulzeration des Mundes, Mundgeschwuer, Ulkus Mund, Ulzeration Mund, Geschwuere Mund, MUNDULZERA, ULZERATION ORAL, Mundulzeration, Orales Ulkus, Ulkus, Mundraum-, Ulkus, orales, Mundhöhlengeschwür, Ulkus, Mundhöhle
Portuguese Ulceração oral, Feridas da boca, Úlcera da boca, Ferida bucal, ULCERACAO BUCAL, ULCERACAO ORAL, Úlceras Orais, Úlcera Oral, Úlceras Bucais, Úlcera Bucal, Ulceração da boca, Úlcera da Boca
Spanish Ulceración oral, Ulceraciones bucales, Úlcera de boca, Ulceración de boca, BOCA, ULCERACION, ORAL, ULCERACION, Úlceras Bucales, Úlceras de la Boca, Úlcera oral, Úlceras Orales, Úlcera Bucal, Úlcera Oral, ulceración bucal, úlcera de la boca (trastorno), úlcera de la boca, úlcera oral, Ulceración de la boca
Japanese 口内炎, 口腔内潰瘍形成, コウナイエン, コウクウナイカイヨウケイセイ, コウクウナイカイヨウ, 口腔潰瘍, 口内潰瘍, 口腔内潰瘍
Swedish Orala ulcerationer
Czech ústa - vředy, Vřed v ústech, Ulcerace úst, Vřed úst, Bolestivost úst, Bolestivost v ústech
Finnish Suuhaava
Polish Owrzodzenie jamy ustnej
Hungarian Szájfekély, Száj fekélyesedése, Szájerosiok, Száj fekélye, Oralis ulceratio, Száj ulceratio, Oralis sebhely, Száj ulceratiója
Norwegian Ulcerasjoner i munnen, Sår i munnhulen, Munnskåld

Ontology: Mucosal ulcer (C0236053)

Concepts Acquired Abnormality (T020)
SnomedCT 95356008
English MUCOSAL ULCERATION, Mucous membrane ulcer, Mucosal sores, Mucosal ulceration NOS, mucosal ulceration, mucosal sores, mucosal ulcers, membrane mucous ulcers, mucosal ulcer, Mucosal ulcer, Mucosal ulceration, Mucosal ulcer (disorder)
Italian Ulcerazione della mucosa, Ulcere mucose, Ulcerazione della mucosa NAS
Dutch slijmvlieszweer, slijmvliesulceratie NAO, slijmvliesulceratie
French Lésions muqueuses, Muqueuse ulcérée SAI, ULCERATION MUQUEUSE, Ulcération muqueuse
German Schelimhautulzerationen, Schleimhautulzeration NNB, SCHLEIMHAUTULZERATION, Schleimhautulzeration
Portuguese Feridas da mucosa, Ulceração das mucosas NE, ULCERACAO MUCOSA, Ulceração da mucosa
Spanish Úlceras mucosas, Ulceración de mucosa NEOM, MUCOSAS, ULCERACION, ulceración de membrana mucosa, úlcera de membrana mucosa (trastorno), úlcera de membrana mucosa, úlcera mucosa, Ulceración de mucosa
Japanese 粘膜炎, 粘膜潰瘍, 粘膜潰瘍NOS, ネンマクエン, ネンマクカイヨウNOS, ネンマクカイヨウ
Czech Ulcerace sliznice, Slizniční vředy, Slizniční ulcerace NOS
Hungarian Mucosa fájdalom, Nyálkahártya ulceratio k.m.n., Nyálkahártya ulceratio