II. Etiologies

  1. Tobacco Abuse or smoke exposure
  2. Voice Abuse
  3. Viral cause

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Papilloma
    1. Chronic irritation of vocal cord leading to edema
  2. Papillomata (Squamous Cell papilloma)
    1. Common, Viral cause

IV. Symptoms

  1. Hoarseness follows as polyp forms

V. Signs

  1. Vocal Cord Nodule
    1. Bilateral opposing "knots"
    2. Occur at mid-vocal cord
  2. Vocal Cord Polyp
    1. Erythematous, smooth, mobile vocal cord lesions
    2. Larger than Nodules, but similar location

VI. Differential Diagnosis

VII. Management

  1. Strict voice rest
    1. No whispering (causes as much strain as yelling)
    2. Soft breathy voice is least Traumatic
  2. ENT referral for biopsy or surgical excision

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Ontology: Polyp of larynx (C0238232)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 86423004
Italian Polipo della laringe
Japanese 喉頭ポリープ, コウトウポリープ
Czech Laryngeální polyp
English nodule of larynx, nodule of larynx (physical finding), polyp of larynx, laryngeal nodules, larynx polyps, laryngeal polyp, laryngeal nodule, laryngeal polyps, Laryngeal nodules, Laryngeal polyp, Laryngeal nodule, Polyp of larynx, Polyp of larynx (disorder), larynx; polyp, polyp; larynx
Hungarian Gége polyp
Dutch larynx; poliep, poliep; larynx, larynxpoliep
Spanish nódulo de la laringe, pólipo de la laringe (trastorno), pólipo de la laringe, Pólipo laringeo
Portuguese Polipo na laringe
French Polype laryngé
German Kehlkopfpolyp